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Protected: Ecuador Pet Regulation Report

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read Protected: Ecuador Pet Regulation Report]

Micro Business Product Launch

You can use product launches to find ways to start or enhance a micro business. Product launching is a new form of play that can help you invest… have a better business that is profitable, fulling and fun. Play, is a vital part of life, even in the often silly process of making money. Fun is […] [Read Micro Business Product Launch]

Money Abroad Concerns Q&A

Let’s look at taking money abroad concerns in this Saturday comments and Q&A. #1: Is there a new 6% withholding on money sent abroad? #2: Bank compliance dangers. Risks of being clever. #3: Ecuador English book stores, shopping, and western size clothes. #4: More on Ecuador buses. #5: A good investment that fights inflation wherever […] [Read Money Abroad Concerns Q&A]

Protected: Product Launch Links

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Ecuador Massage

One great treat in Ecuador is an Ecuador Massage. Readers regularly report feeling better… losing weight and dropping the need for medication when they stay for long in Ecuador.   More walking…. fresher food… no junk food…. more sun… less stress and the energy of the equator are part of the formula. Perhaps also better […] [Read Ecuador Massage]

Crucita Ecuador Ocean View House for Sale

Here is a Crucita Ecuador ocean view house for sale. Here is the ocean view from this house. About a decade ago on one of our first Ecuador real estate coastal real estate tours, we visited a new Ecuador Coastal view real estate project Balsamaragua. Just two houses were built at that time. Delegates went […] [Read Crucita Ecuador Ocean View House for Sale]

Bank Bonuses & Ecuador Real Estate Triple Dipping

How bad can bank bonuses and Ecuador triple dipping be? Gary & Merri Scott speaking at the IL Ultimate Event in Quito. While speaking at International Living’s Ultimate Event I realized how important working with people you trust… who have your real interest at heart can be. Take triple dipping charges the buyer and seller […] [Read Bank Bonuses & Ecuador Real Estate Triple Dipping]

High Society Micro Business

There is a new form of high society created by certain types of micro businesses. High society used to be defined as an upper class, group of people at the top of a social hierarchy or  socialites, people of social prominence, who spend significant resources entertaining and being entertained. This is no longer high society.  […] [Read High Society Micro Business]

Ecuador Shamanic Health Tactics For Winter

We can feel better in simple ways during the winter when we blend two Ecuador shamanic health tactics… using essential oils and showers. Daily mists roll over the ridges at our Ecuador Hacienda Rosaspamba.  See health tactics of Ecuador shamans that use these mists. Here we are February 21, 2011 one more entire month and […] [Read Ecuador Shamanic Health Tactics For Winter]

More on Ecuador Buses

Here is an update about our warning on Ecuador. Merri and I are in Quito speaking to… the 400 plus delegates at International Living’s Ultimate Event plus… as we do everywhere we go… always looking at real estate. This is a beautiful area we were inspecting in a cloud forest. See details about the additional […] [Read More on Ecuador Buses]