Polish Copper & Silver Investing Idea

Polish Copper. Here is a Copper & Silver Investing Idea.


Silver and…


copper have appreciated… a lot!

Silver & Copper Prices

Current news and chatter on the internet suggests that the price of both silver and copper are now high.

However inflation is a likely scenario in our future.   Plus I have a reputation… getting in really early and out way ahead of the top.  My concerns about a breaking commodities bubble may just be my nerves.  Many investors just hate leaving money on the table.  I am very happy taking my slice of profit and exiting early as soon as a price of anything stops making much sense.

Plus I am not a trader. I do not buy options or contracts nor try to make fast turns on short term price developments.

Instead I plod along looking for value in five good places that I believe will  protect against and gain from inflation… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and my own micro business.

This means I am questioning the immediate value of these two commodities right now.  They’ll rise long term… I’m really convinced of this.  For the short term I ask, “Are the rewards of further strong appreciation worth the risk of a downwards correction?”

In some instances my investments are leveraged (when markets are not bubbly)… but not now.

This message looks at a commodities idea, because some investments can benefit from two or three inflation fighting ideas at once. One example that I hold in my portfolio is linked to silver… provides a multi currency play… plus offers an emerging equities opportunity and is a commodities investment in copper.    This is an investment in a Polish mining company that gives me a play in the Polish Zloty, emerging market equities, copper and silver. 

One of the few shares I hold in my portfolio is KGHM Polska Miedz, a Polish mining company that mines copper and silver.

I bought this share for several reasons… first because I used to be a gold bug…. and held a lot of gold for decades.  That was a really lousy investment.   Now with gold near its all time high… this may not be such a good time to invest in the yellow stuff either.

I believe in gold as insurance and have enough (plus some junk silver) stored in case the world falls apart.

I rarely invest in gold as a speculation any more.

Yet I believe we’ll see inflation and that the price of commodities will rise.  I also believe that in emerging markets offer the highest potential for appreciation.

The shares in KGHM represent a commodity and Eastern Europe.

When I purchased the shares, a year ago the Polish Zloty was weak versus the US dollar.


Since it has risen nicely.  That’s profit part 1!

Copper prices had fallen.  Now they are up nicely.


Silver prices had fallen but now are up nicely.


So this is an income earning alternative to gold and silver… the share price rose 43% this last year according to this Bloomberg Review.

share price

Right now I am wondering…. should I take a profit or not.  However buy, hold or sell, you can be sure that I’ll keep an eye on this share. Any time there is a quadruple shift down… in the Polish stock market… the Zloty… and in copper and silver… then I’ll be looking to see if this share makes sense in my portfolio.

Inflation is the most likely global scenario for the world’s near term future.  Five good places to invest to protect against and gain from inflation are… equities, multi currency investments, commodities, real estate and your own micro business.  An investment in KGHM Polska Miedz, a Polish mining company represents an investment in three of these asset classes.



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