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64th Symphony

Happy New Year’s Eve…Chances are tonight you’ll be listening to some music. Merri’s and my music will come from a symphonic orchestra somewhere because I understand the power of music and how Largo Baroque music especially does the body and mind good. You may not even be aware of the musical impact… but the frequencies […] [Read 64th Symphony]

Extra Values Added

Here is more news about new values added from the International Club. Now International Club members can benefit in Ecuador in the mountains or… on the sea.  Delegates and International Club members on tour at Land of the Sun Inn. View shot by an International Club member of real estate for sale on an Ecuador […] [Read Extra Values Added]

Endurance Brings Success

Endurance brings success. Our son Jake captured this shot of me as we drifted down the Oklawaha River, which is just a few miles from us. Kayaking on pristine rivers is thought provocative and I was thinking of a wonderful old Chinese saying, “If one waits on the river long enough, he’ll see the bodies […] [Read Endurance Brings Success]

How to Have Fun in Business & Investing

How to have fun at work and in life! The children have it figured out. Here’s our grandson helping us work on the farm.  Work can be play. Recently our message on Play Dough showed the importance of play in… work… investing and in life.  I may look serious when teaching… but inside I feel […] [Read How to Have Fun in Business & Investing]

The Power of Giving

The power of giving is so vital to our health and well being and Boxing Day is a good time to review this thought. Boxing Day comes one day after Catholic Christmas holiday, the Feast of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, is better known as Boxing Day. Nowadays, we often see, in certain families, […] [Read The Power of Giving]

Three Simple Weight Loss Tactics

Three Simple Weight Loss Tactics Using The Power in the Key Muscles By Gary Scott Dusk fought a horizon of darkening finery in oranges and gold. Twilight brushed fading light with amber memories on quiet waters below. The patina of eventide’s weariness descended on the day. This photo taken by our friend Dennis Goff shows […] [Read Three Simple Weight Loss Tactics]

Happy Christmas Eve

We send our wishes that tomorrow will bring you the Merriest of all Christmases! One rich part of the texture that comes from living in many places around the world is seeing how closely we really are connected. This day, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, is so rich in inspiration that everyone […] [Read Happy Christmas Eve]

Double Earnings in Ecuador

Here is a way to have fun earning  in Ecuador two ways. Here is an idea on how to earn income from or with Ecuador coffee, chocolate or roses… plus Imports into Ecuador.  Earn coming and going. First a comment from a reader and seminar delegate about our recent article, “Don’t be a Sitting Duck“. […] [Read Double Earnings in Ecuador]

Earn With Excellent Ecuador Exports

You can earn with fun shopping for Ecuador exports.. Delegates having fun… on an Ecuador export tour conducted by Bonnie Keough. Fun and play should be an important part of business, investing and life. This is why the Ecuador exports tours mentioned at this site have worked so well. During the holidays shopping can be […] [Read Earn With Excellent Ecuador Exports]

Better Retirement Lesson

Here is a better retirement lesson. We can have a better retirement and pinnacle career because of sacrifices made in the past. A reader just sent me this note: I must say Gary, I always enjoy your articles and this one is a favorite. The last time I wrote you I had lost pretty much […] [Read Better Retirement Lesson]