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Terror on Currencies

There is terror in investing markets because of currencies. Gary Scott speaking about currencies with Jens Lauritzen djrector of Jyske Private Bank.  Jyske is among the leading currency traders in the world. World stock markets continue to slide as this chart of the Morgan Stanley Capital Index  at for November shows. Yet November is […] [Read Terror on Currencies]

Terror From the Concept Conversion Trick

International Investing With The Concept Conversion Trick By Gary A.Scott Last week we began a series on the potential for terror in upcoming markets. This potential comes because it is human nature to fear change.  When change comes too quickly, the fear turns to terror and one reason for this is because of the concept […] [Read Terror From the Concept Conversion Trick]

Saturday Q & A

Here are our Saturday Question and Answers. #1: Question on multi currency investing. #2: Question about China and Russia cutting out the greenback. #3: Question about renting in Ecuador. #4: Comment on Super Thinking Spanish. #5: Question about TSA pat down and XRays. #1: Question on multi currency investing.. Hello,  I got your multicurrency course […] [Read Saturday Q & A]

Investing Terror Ahead?

Many events… weakness in Wall Street… concerns of another Euro debt crisis… recent US dollar Treasury auctions… shows that there is terror in investing markets. The MSCI World Stock Market chart from reflects the feeling of terror as it has fallen so much in November that it has given up all profits from the […] [Read Investing Terror Ahead?]

Adapting and Profiting From Change

[wpvideo VPyP5izL] In this 13-minute video, please view a discussion on how change brings opportunities and how to profit from change. You may expand the video to full-screen by clicking the double-arrow to the bottom right of the video screen. Government attempts to mask economic change create inflation.  Five ways to combat inflation are: #1: Move where […] [Read Adapting and Profiting From Change]

Ecuador Apartment Rentals

Here are three Ecuador apartment rental units in Cotacachi. We have been getting many requests for apartments rentals in Ecuador. This is a 4,000 square foot building in the center of Cotacachi, next to Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores) and the main Cathedral with three rental units… each is $600 […] [Read Ecuador Apartment Rentals]

New Global Business Opportunity

Live free and well with seven international micro business secrets… To see who was the expert on international micro businesses, last night (Sunday November 21, 2010) I Goggled the phrase International Micro Business. Guess who? See below… 11 global income experiences that can set you free and how to attend our latest International Business seminar […] [Read New Global Business Opportunity]

Guayaquil Natural Health Spa Facility For Sale

Here is a natural health spa facility in Guayaquil, Ecuador for sale.  Please see notes from the owner below… Here is a link to the full document with 28 pictures and full description of the offer. FOR SALE Natural Health / Spa Facility / Gym – Fitness Studio Guayaquil, Ecuador NovaVita Research Center Av. Las […] [Read Guayaquil Natural Health Spa Facility For Sale]

Mindo Ecuador Opportunity

Here is a special Mindo cloud forest real estate opportunity. Mindo is one of the most bird-diverse places in the world and was declared the first “Important Area for Birds” (IBA) by Birdlife International, an NGO formed for the conservation of birds and their habitats worldwide because Mindo harbours an estimated 500 species (more than all of […] [Read Mindo Ecuador Opportunity]

Accidental Translator in Spanish

Imagine in just three days… becoming an accidental translator in Spanish. Here is a photo taken by a delegate at a Super Spanish course we conducted in Mt. Dora, Florida. We created the Accidental Translator at that course. Our promise and guarantee is that students of Super Spanish will be able to communicate in Spanish […] [Read Accidental Translator in Spanish]