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Ecuador Police Unrest

Ecuador police unrest creates a hard spot that rocks with turmoil. Ecuador’s police and part of the military are on strike. The Ecuadorian President is speaking to the nation as I write… so let’s take a moment to understand the problem and project what might happen. Ecuador’s president is between a rock and a hard […] [Read Ecuador Police Unrest]

Gain Extra Global Income

Many readers can learn how to gain extra global income with a micro business at our upcoming Super thinking + International Investing and Business Seminar. This can be easy and can also be fun. Saturday Market at West Jefferson brought this truck load of giant pumpkins and this cute boy enjoying the spirit of the […] [Read Gain Extra Global Income]

Healthier Fruit and Vegetables

Here’s how to have healthier fruit and vegetables. In the winter we pack up our chickens and head south to Florida where we grow… oranges commercially. We also have grapefruit… lemons, tangelos, tangerines, grapes, figs and blueberries we grow for our own consumption. We also grow tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas and greens in… The green […] [Read Healthier Fruit and Vegetables]

Food Risk

Here is a food risk. Our upcoming course International Investing, Business, Quantum Wealth course shares three ways to survive and prosper in our changing times.  #1: Making better global investments.  #2: Having a better micro business that earns extra income wherever you live. #3: Having better health, more energy and a clearer more intelligent mind […] [Read Food Risk]

Room for Global Economic Growth

There is extra room for global economic growth.   We also have room for growth as individuals… and we should take advantage of this fact. See below one of 54 high yielding global investments in water which we’ll review at the seminar. Autumn arrived in the Blue Ridge and leaves started turning yellow gold and crimson […] [Read Room for Global Economic Growth]

Wisdom of the Masses Q & A – Sept. 25

We can see the wisdom of the masses everywhere so we devote our Saturday message to comments and questions from our readers. With over 21,000 of you, we together know a lot! Ecuador beach north of Manta during Carnival. Sometimes though some of us we prefer to do the opposite of the masses. This is […] [Read Wisdom of the Masses Q & A – Sept. 25]

International Investing Update

Here is an International Investing Update: We need to continually update our investment plans to protect the purchasing power of our savings, investments and pensions. Let’s begin this international investment update with a look at the state of the market for bonds. At Jyske Bank’s most recent Global Wealth Seminar, one of the great speakers […] [Read International Investing Update]

October Investment Risk

Join us for the leaf change this October and learn about October investment risks… where to gain safety and profit now. Beware the Ides of October.  Like the Ides of March there is turmoil in this month. See three thoughts on October risk and investing below. The leaf change has begun.  Leaves are scattering in […] [Read October Investment Risk]

Essential Oil Health Benefits

Here is how to take advantage of several essential oil health benefits. In a moment we’ll look at links to three new Cuenca properties for sale. First… here are some better health thoughts and roses. Merri and I love roses.  You can order orange autumn and Halloween roses, like these here. However we use roses […] [Read Essential Oil Health Benefits]

Protected: Micro Business Internet Tip

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read Protected: Micro Business Internet Tip]