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Ecuador Medications & Prescriptions

Ecuador Living subscribers can get quotes on Ecuador medications and subscriptions they can buy when in Ecuador here. See below how Ecuador has excellent, really low cost, health care below. See how Ecuador can help you be beyond “not ill”. Merri and I try to make sure we hike up and down hills everyday. This […] [Read Ecuador Medications & Prescriptions]

International Micro Business Added Twists

You can enhance the chances of success in a micro business by brainstorming from twists. One thought to throw in your brainstorming pot is your micro business relationships to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This a snippet from is a great photo by Pieter Hugo for the New York Times that shows foragers in Ghana who […] [Read International Micro Business Added Twists]

August 28 Wisdom of the Masses Q&A

To share the inner intelligence we all have we are making  Saturday our Question, Answer and Comment day. Please send your questions, opinions  or comments. Fight fire with fire. Use the wisdom of the masses to avoid herd when it stampedes! Question: Gary just curious to see if you have ever heard of “Everbank” is […] [Read August 28 Wisdom of the Masses Q&A]

Micro Business & Global Investing Weather Dots

Connecting micro business weather dots can help you earn extra income… in a micro business or global investment. Investments and/or businesses in climate change can be profitable and do good for the world. What do these beans in the jar… have to do with… these wild turkeys I photoed in our front yard on a […] [Read Micro Business & Global Investing Weather Dots]

New Cuenca Ecuador Restaurant

There is a new restaurant in Cuenca, Ecuador. Here are details from our friend, Stephen Milden. In December of 2009 the Evans Family – George, Carol, James & Susan made the move from Tucson, Arizona to Cuenca, Ecuador and soon after opened the California Kitchen.    From left to right: Carol, Susan, George and James. A Taste of California Comes to Cuenca By Stephen Milden One of the things I love about Cuenca is the wide variety of cuisine that is available and the number of great choices we have of where to eat. In the coming months I’ll share some of our favorites as well as other things about Cuenca that make it a delightful place to call home. For now, let me tell you about a relatively new restaurant that I go to far too often for my waistline. With the influx of Americans, Canadians and Europeans to Cuenca, the Evans family decided there was a need for North American comfort food so opened their restaurant in the beautiful historic building on the corner of Gaspar Sangurima y Presidente Borrero which houses Hostal Posada del Sol. The Evans family lived in California for 45 years hence the name “California Kitchen”. As soon as you walk in to the well appointed courtyard, it is apparent that it is a family owned and operated affair. More often than not George is the first one to greet you and the rest of the family shows up in due course whether to say hello, freshen your coffee or bring your food. A recent party at California Kitchen. A quick read of the breakfast menu and you’ll think you were back in the US. Waffles, French toast, homemade biscuits and gravy are all made to order and yes eggs, bacon and hashbrowns as well. Their organic coffee is grown and roasted locally and you can even get it ground while you wait. Lunch is another delight ‐ soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches all made fresh with some fantastic homemade desserts. Dinner is served Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each Monday night Carol sends out a email blurb letting you know what their specials are for the week. Here are typical specials: […] [Read New Cuenca Ecuador Restaurant]

Learn Spanish in Four Days

Learn to speak Spanish in just four days. Learn Super Thinking + Spanish this November 4 to 7. (Starts 9 am in Mt. Dora Fl.) Gain health and wealth benefits also.  Our Super Thinking + Spanish course goes way beyond just learning to speak Spanish. There is a way to learn Spanish that enhances health […] [Read Learn Spanish in Four Days]

Alkaline Health

Alkaline promoting foods and alkaline water help promote good health. This is why yesterday’s message shared a cool health ideas about watermelon and moon bathing. Here is a shot I took moon bathing in Cotacachi, Ecuador. The pH balance of the bloodstream is one of the most important factors that affect health. Blood pH should […] [Read Alkaline Health]

Cool Health Ideas

Here is a cool health idea. Eat watermelon. See three great ways to reduce excess summer heat from the body and that can also make you look five years younger at the same time. Eating watermelon is one. The last two messages on Ayrved, the Indian science of life and Andean shamanic cures, looked at […] [Read Cool Health Ideas]

Q & A With Wisdom of the Masses

To share the inner intelligence we all have we are making  Saturday our Question, Answer and Comment day. Fight fire with fire. Use the wisdom of the masses to avoid them when they stampede! Please send your questions, opinions  or comments. The first question this last week is in response to our article “Bless Google […] [Read Q & A With Wisdom of the Masses]

Ecuador Shopping Tour

The No hassle, Have fun Holiday Ecuador Shopping Tour Other ways of making/saving…Jean Marie Butterlin and Bonnie Keogh have teamed up to help you save on Ecuador shopping… and learn where the bargains are. Bonnie Keogh explains when she writes: Are you thinking, did I read that correctly, does that say “Have fun Holiday shopping […] [Read Ecuador Shopping Tour]