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Jyske Global Wealth Seminar

Join Merri and me in Copenhagen this August 25, through 28, 2010 at Jyske Global Wealth seminar. The strong US dollar means you will save on this trip.  See how below. For ease and speed in reading I have copied portions of Jyske Bank’s invitation. To learn all the details and register be sure to […] [Read Jyske Global Wealth Seminar]

Gary A Scott & Ecuador Living Links

How we can serve you at and Gary Scott has been investing and doing business globally, and writing and talking about how since… 1969. Gary Scott’s first book published in the 1970s. Free Ezines Daily… useful… interesting… helpful information to make your lives better. Enroll at for information about Ecuador. and […] [Read Gary A Scott & Ecuador Living Links]

Real Wisdom that Earns

Here is a way to gain more useful information and access real wisdom that can help make your life better. Our emails go out to over 21,000 readers every day.  The numbers grow every day and as of today as the list data from our mail sending system shows, we sent 21,313 emails. This gives […] [Read Real Wisdom that Earns]

Ecuador Cooking Special

An Ecuador cooking school in Cotacachi now offers readers of this site a special opportunity. See three great Ecuador cooking recipes below. First, learn how to  find even more Ecuador cooking recipes that blend pre-Incan nutrition notions with modern cooking techniques. Actually more than a cooking school… “gastronomical education and delight” might be a better […] [Read Ecuador Cooking Special]

Music Helps You Live Longer

Music helps you live longer because frequency and health are connected. See three longevity secrets below. Perhaps better than jogging. Good health, a great positive attitude… energy and vitality are the most valuable assets we can have in investing… business and life. So we always look for thoughts on how to maintain good health that […] [Read Music Helps You Live Longer]

Emerging Market Update

Emerging markets are growing much faster than major markets. This fact has created great opportunity over the past four decades.  Emerging stock markets have risen about twice as fast as stock markets in mature economies with very little extra volatility or downside. This does not mean we should, just invest headlong into emerging market stocks. […] [Read Emerging Market Update]

Sky High Ecuador Business Idea

Another funky micro business idea for our funky business hall of fame is to develop a high altitude training center. Many Andean villages and cities are at 7,000 to 10,000 feet altitude. The village of Cotacachi is 7,500 feet and is at the foot of Mt. Imbabura (seen above from the center of Cotacachi) which […] [Read Sky High Ecuador Business Idea]

Learn Spanish in Four Days

Learn to speak Spanish in just four days. Learn Super Thinking + Spanish this November 4 to 7. (Starts 9 am in Mt. Dora Fl.) Gain health and wealth benefits also.  Our Super Thinking + Spanish course goes way beyond just learning to speak Spanish. There is a way to learn Spanish that enhances health […] [Read Learn Spanish in Four Days]

A Stretching Funky Micro Business Idea

Here is a funky business idea we have added to our Hall of Funky micro business ideas. We support the idea that micro businesses should be profitable, good for owners, employees, customers and society now and in the future… green… humanitarian… fair trade…  at least. We believe in self fulfillment…  and that business should be […] [Read A Stretching Funky Micro Business Idea]

Global Investing & Major Market Value Update

We’ll see a global investing major market value update in a moment. First, let’s look at this important data that Thomas Fischer at Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM) just shared. Thomas Fischer is Senior Vice President of Jyske Global Asset Management. Thomas began his banking career in 1975. In 1978  he started in the trading […] [Read Global Investing & Major Market Value Update]