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Wealth in Multi Currency Waves

There is wealth in catching multi currency waves. See multi currency waves below.   Having captured just four would have made you one of the wealthiest people on earth. We just completed our International Investment & Business Course in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Here is what a few of the delegates wrote to me about this […] [Read Wealth in Multi Currency Waves]

Gary Scott Seminar Conclusion

Our Gary Scott Quantum Wealth seminar concluded on Sunday. We shared some important news (see below). There was a… full house at the new West Jefferson Hampton Inn. The delegates were… absorbed throughout the.. four days of the course. Speakers included… Bob Shane, nuclear physicist, spoke on quantum science and balance. Peter Laub of Jyske […] [Read Gary Scott Seminar Conclusion]

New Ecuador Opportunities

Here are three new Ecuador opportunities. The first is environmental as shown in this excerpt from an article: Ecuadoran President Confirms Deal to Leave Oil Under Yasuni Park QUITO, Ecuador, April 26, 2010 (ENS) – President Raphael Correa now has approved an agreement to leave Ecuador’s largest oil reserves, amounting to some 900 million barrels, […] [Read New Ecuador Opportunities]

Environmental Micro Business Ideas

Environmental micro business ideas are created by environmental business problems. There is a bigger problem that is eroding the environment in getting the oil our society desires… problems growing the food we need to eat… and marketing and distributing it. This is why Merri and  have been writing about Purely Green and Bio-Wash, two degreasing […] [Read Environmental Micro Business Ideas]

Ecuador Beach Condo For Sale Near Atacames-Tonsupa

Here is a paid advertisement of an Ecuador beach condo near Atacames-Tonsupa in this complex, with… this Ecuador beach view. Friends and long term readers Bill Bushnel and Leita Hulmes (also partners in Villa Nova Inn in Cuenca) sent this advertisement. We have a condo for sale in Edificio Sunrise in Puerto Gaviota.  This is […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo For Sale Near Atacames-Tonsupa]

Avoid Stress With Music

Stress kills. Stress can harm you physically… plus ruin your ability to make good investing, business and lifestyle decisions. Yet we live in a stressful world. So how can we reduce stress? One way to relax is through music. Merri and I continually listen to Baroque music and I play to reduce stress. There is […] [Read Avoid Stress With Music]

Global Feet

A reason for being a one man multinational and having a six point command posture… with a global micro business and international investments is that your feet can do your voting. The sun always shines somewhere and if clouds appear on the horizon of where you are… you have the ability to walk to a […] [Read Global Feet]

Broader Horizons

One reason that Merri and I love international investing and business is that it brings broader horizons. Dusk fought the horizon in darkening finery of oranges and gold. Twilight painted in fading light and brushed amber memories on quiet waters below. In the patina of eventide, weariness descended on a day past. Hushed anticipations grew […] [Read Broader Horizons]

Pound and Multi Currency Portfolios Pounded

There is opportunity because the British pound and multi currency portfolios that are short the US dollar have been pounded. This a six month pound US dollar from as of last week. This year Merri and I have the delightful task of flying to England for our youngest daughter’s wedding. Way to go Ellie!  […] [Read Pound and Multi Currency Portfolios Pounded]

Smalltown USA & Health

Ginger for Muscle Pain The summer is the time to be outside… working in the garden… lifting… moving… digging. This can lead to muscle pain! One really inexpensive and delicious food that can help reduce this pain is ginger. When this happens, here is a tasty, easy,  inexpensive way to reduce the pain.  A new […] [Read Smalltown USA & Health]