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Survival in Anarchy Through Publishing Cohesion

Here are some thoughts on how to survive & prosper in anarchy. You can profit from a groundswell change in the world’s socio-economic system that creates enormous opportunity for small self publishers and exporters now. Here are delegates on one of our recent Ecuador tours.  See below how these tours help delegates learn how to […] [Read Survival in Anarchy Through Publishing Cohesion]

Borrow Low Despoit High in Japan

This may once again be the time to borrow low in Japan to invest high elsewhere. See how this five year chart from may mean money in the bank… a fortune actually. Excerpts from a recent BBC article entitled “Japan’s economic growth rate revised down” helps explain why a new fortune may be in […] [Read Borrow Low Despoit High in Japan]

Diversified International Portfolio

See an interesting diversified international portfolio strategy below. There are several ways to beat the inevitable inflation we’ll see in the years ahead. #1: Move to a country or place with a lower cost basis… like Ecuador or Smalltown USA. #2: Learn how to earn extra income… and have fun in the process. #3: Learn […] [Read Diversified International Portfolio]

Diversified Portfolio

Here is an interesting diversified portfolio strategy. One benefit of my business is getting to meet with and enjoy sharing ideas with numerous, very smart, investors. I consult with several of these investors on a regular basis. Meeting with two of my Danish advisers. Sharing global investment information is fun and of great value. Some […] [Read Diversified Portfolio]

Ecuador Spanish

Creativity, humanitarianism and prosperity come in many forms, but all of them require three things, understanding, communications and inspiration. We just finished our latest Super Thinking Plus Spanish course in Mt. Dora, Florida.  Here are delegates intent on absorbing Spanish. Spanish is the second largest language in the world. Chances are a huge Spanish speaking […] [Read Ecuador Spanish]

Protected: Micro Earning Freedom

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read Protected: Micro Earning Freedom]

Ecuador Rose Story

Last week’s Ecuador rose story may have started a trend. I like it! A reader sent this note and photo: Gary, On several occasions I have ordered Roses from you for a very special lady. On this occasion it was for her birthday. I ordered 50 and was not disappointed. I have attached a photo […] [Read Ecuador Rose Story]

Ecuador Handbag Profits

Here is an idea about Ecuador handbag profits because some people have a passion for handbags. Leather handbags from Cotacachi Ecuador. Handbags is just one type of export from Ecuador but opportunity for Ecuador handbags is growing. Here is why: stated in a 2010 Handbag Retail Report:  Over the last few years, handbags market […] [Read Ecuador Handbag Profits]

Quantum Spanish Learning

Today we started our Super Thinking + Spanish course in Mt. Dora with a full house. See how thoughts from this man and an example from… this man can enhance your health and wealth as well as help you speak Spanish. The ability to speak Spanish… even if you never leave the US is valuable […] [Read Quantum Spanish Learning]

Cotacachi Hotel – Land of the Sun Inn

Land of the Sun Inn is known as the hotel that saved Cotacachi. The Inn Land of the Sun in Cotacachi gives a 20% discount on room rates to Ecuador Living Club members. Sunrise at Inn Land of the Sun. Inn Land of the Sun is the center of Cotacachi. Land of the Sun courtyard. […] [Read Cotacachi Hotel – Land of the Sun Inn]