Miss Ecuador 2010

The Miss Ecuador pageant had an event at our Tierra del Sol Inn (formerly Meson de las Flores) hotel again.


A Miss Ecuador contestant at our Tierra del Sol Inn.

Merri and I do not seek this type of event, but we love romantic places and each year it seems that some romantic place we are involved with attracts the Miss Ecuadors!

In 2008 Miss Ecuador had an event with us at our inn in Cotacachi.

Last year Miss Ecuador was with us at our Palmazul property on Ecuador’s coast.

I received a nice email thanking us with a few photos from the organizers of Miss Ecuador.

Miss Ecuador

This was a star studded night with many Miss Ecuador contestants in Cotacachi.

Merri and I slept through it.

When it comes to crowds and events at night, we are the ultimate in dull and boring!

Plus I have a message to share with you each morning.  Late nights and early mornings are not compatible.

But we loaned our camera and had our tour guide, Alberto Verdesoto, attend on our behalf.


We also organized some…

miss Ecuador


miss Ecuador

dancers to entertain the potential Miss Ecuador.

The palate of the evening was painted with…

miss Ecuador

swirling colors and…

Miss Ecuador

laughter and brightness.  A delight.

Miss Ecuador

The Miss Ecuador…


contestants were served by our sweet staff and I believe…


they enjoyed the night as well.

However if I were to get a vote… it would be for our…


wonderful people in Cotacachi. Here is Consuelo serving.  She and the rest of our staff hope they can serve you sometime as well.


Last year Miss Ecuador was with us at our Palmazul property on Ecuador’s coast.  See them here.

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Miss Ecuador

You can see a video of the Miss Ecuador contestants  in action here

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