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Survival in Anarchy in Small Ways

The article is part of a series on survival in anarchy in small ways with authenticity and cohesion. Ted Tidwell now offers a “Quick Profits” kit for those who want to export his Biowash and Purely Green products. See how to use these products to beat inflation, gain freedom extra income and help the world […] [Read Survival in Anarchy in Small Ways]

Export Ecuador Art

Here is a story about exporting Ecuadorian art that has never been told in its entirely. This story, about people and ideas,  can bring you extra income… especially if you love art and fine crafts. The people and… the ideas. See below pictures of an Ecuadorian workshop that have never been shown before. The story […] [Read Export Ecuador Art]

Ecuador Shamanic Exercise

Ecuador shamanic exercises can increase intelligence. See why we take delegates on hikes into sacred valleys on our Ecuador shaman tours. Keeping up with accelerating change is a key to reducing stress, having more wealth and enjoying life more.  We need to continually grow smarter and wiser. A recent message Ecuador shamanic thought and the […] [Read Ecuador Shamanic Exercise]

Bet On the Come

During bleak times… bet on the come.  Be positive… because this is the way of the world. In fact this is the way of the universe… to grow and expand.  Sure there are times of contraction.  Cycles are part of life.  Yet the frequencies of existence have always been expansive. This photo from the Hubble […] [Read Bet On the Come]

Bahia De Caraquez to San Vicente

Good value for Ecuador real estate around Bahia De Caraquez to San Vicente is about to be harder to find… though it is still there. The Chone Estuary has long been a barrier that stopped traffic from Manta, the main port and biggest airport, on the coastal highway north. This kept real estate prices low […] [Read Bahia De Caraquez to San Vicente]

Yen Yuan Fault

The yen yuan fault may create a tsunami of profit. See how this chart from and the chart below can help you earn a fortune. There have been plenty of earthquakes around the ring of fire in recent months… but few have as much potential to shake human lives as much as the stress […] [Read Yen Yuan Fault]

Ecuador Shamanic Thought & the Brain

Ecuador shamanic thought can help us live longer… more fulfilled lives by using our brains better. Our friend and astrologer Blaine Watson sent Merri a link in his recent daily message to  an NPR article “The Aging Brain Is Less Quick, But More Shrewd” by Michelle Trudeau (see how to receive Blaine’s daily message below). […] [Read Ecuador Shamanic Thought & the Brain]

Ancient Thinking Comes Round

There was great wisdom in a lot of ancient thinking. See below how symbols like this can help you find value in real estate today. What goes around, comes around… so many of the ideas that are now called modern science have been with mankind for thousands of years. Around 3500 BC, the Mesopotamians began […] [Read Ancient Thinking Comes Round]

Low Cost Living – Smalltown USA

Today’s message at our www.Ecuador site looks at low cost living in Ecuador.  This message looks at low cost living in Smalltown USA. Predicting the future is impossible yet one social economic fact that is very likely is inflation.  Most of the Western world… and much of the emerging world as well… is swamped […] [Read Low Cost Living – Smalltown USA]

Ecuador Food & Nutrition

Ecuador food and nutrition are often a surprise to those who visit the country for the first time. Ecuador shamanic nutritional ideas can help health, energy and longevity. Ecuador nutrition strikes again.  Last week a message at this site showed how, upon moving to Ecuador, Jim Reed lost 55 pounds in the last year… without […] [Read Ecuador Food & Nutrition]