Ecuador Earthquakes Currency & More Weekly Review

Ecuador’s currency is the US dollar.

See below about our Ecuador earthquake update.  First… this question… what happens to Ecuador when the US dollar falls?

Will a collapsing greenback create an economic earthquake in Ecuador?

Read thoughts on this at Ecuador Currency

Here is a review of messages posted at this last week.

Monday. Why be a multi currency investor now.


Tuesday. How to return to the American Dream.


Wednesday. How to absorb… retain and recall information more efficiently for Quantum Wealth.


Thursday. How to win your Valentine with Ecuador Roses.

Friday. How to find an incredible Ecuador real estate deals. See brand new three bedroom condos in Quito for $29,000 Quito & Mindo Real Estate Tour.


Saturday. How to avoid disaster in Ecuador or any market. Ecuador beach real estate has been a very good international investment.  Some readers have asked why I am selling some of my Ecuador property. See why at International Investments & Spurts.

See our Ecuador Earthquake review in a moment.  First…

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Ecuador Earthquake Review

Due to the Haitian earthquake, a number of readers who have not had a chance to review many of thousand plus pages of data we have posted about Ecuador. have missed the earthquake warnings we have posted at this site numerous times which is:

Warning #2: The Shakes

There are also…like in California , earthquakes. The Andes and this region is a new geological location (in geological terms) so this area is more prone to the shakes than for example our home in our other home North Carolina’s Blue Ridge which is a very ancient, very settled geological formation. The equator is delightfully free of hurricanes and typhoons…but I guess anywhere there is a huge body of new mountains and large amounts of ocean there is some risk of natural disaster. Earthquakes are this regions nemesis…and yes, there is earthquake insurance.

See the other Ecuador warnings here.

I know that Ecuador building codes are very strict in this regards to Earthquakes so buildings are designed to withstand the shakes and have written to friends and contacts across Ecuador.

I wrote to contacts across Ecuador last night and here is what  have received so far re:

Earthquake codes in Guayaquil.  “Gary,  Guayaquil has minor tremors compared to Quito but there are safety standards in all modern buildings.”

Earthquake codes in Quito. “I do not know the codes off the the top of my head but will find out more and let you know on Monday.”

Earthquake codes on the coast. “I know that our project is built with earthquakes in mind and the walls are almost the double the size of of normal walls but I am not sure if this is an requirement.  I’ll let you know more next week.”

“Earthquake codes just off the coast.  “I will contact today  two architects and ask about this. Will come back to you later today or tomorrow.

I am waiting for more replies and am researching this subject for an update so be sure to click on next week.


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