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Gary Scott Sunday Review – Jan. 31, 2010

Here is a review of our messages over the last seven days to Jan. 31, 2010 Reminder. This is the last day you can order 2010 Valentine’s Roses here. Our rose supplier Roberto Ribadineira just sent me a surprise bonus for everyone who ordered Valentines roses this year.  You’ll receive a 10% discount on any […] [Read Gary Scott Sunday Review – Jan. 31, 2010]

Spontaneous Ecuador

Ecuador is a country where it is easier to be spontaneous. It’s the weekend.  Are you trying to decide what to do? Be spontaneous! In a moment I’ll share why being unreasonable is reasonable and good. For example, maybe you’ll decide to just jump on a plane and fly down to Ecuador. The air fares […] [Read Spontaneous Ecuador]

Ecuador Visa Changes

Ecuador tourist visa enforcement has changed. The excerpt below from our Ecuador Living Visa Update shows something important  about Ecuador visas that you should know. Ecuador is a beautiful country and offers many benefits… such as excellent low cost housing.  Here are delegates on one of our real estate tours looking at real estate in […] [Read Ecuador Visa Changes]

Gary Scott 2010 Schedule Update

Here is a 2010 schedule  update. We have made two changes to our 2010 schedule. First, we added four Salinas Ecuador real estate tours to our 2010 schedule.  Mar 28-29. 2010 – May 28-29, 2010 – Sept. 20-21, 2010 – Nov. 22-23, 2010. Second we have switched dates between our June-July mid coast and Imbabura […] [Read Gary Scott 2010 Schedule Update]

Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Our Ecuador real estate tours help you learn about Ecuador real estate in a safe… non biased, fun and efficient way. You enjoy… beautiful places from mountains to… the sea with hidden… treasures like this thermal spa near our hotel in Cotacachi…. where you can soak and relax as you learn about Ecuador real estate. […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate Tour]

Ecuador Shamanic Imagination & Longevity

Ecuador shamans use imagination to enhance longevity. Stress is a frequent cause of disease that shortens our lives. Yet most stress is created by total figments of our imagination. Most religious and medical disciplines tell us how to combat the imaginary diseases before they become hardened into a physical realm… with Faith… Prayer…. Meditation… and […] [Read Ecuador Shamanic Imagination & Longevity]

January 2010 Emerging Market Values

Markets have shifted back into risk aversion mode and the last two updates have looked at increased market risks. Yesterday’s update reviewed current values in major markets. Here we look at an emerging markets value analysis by Michael Keppler. If you are a new multi currency subscriber learn about Keppler Asset management here. Keppler says: […] [Read January 2010 Emerging Market Values]

Imagination for Ecuador Real Estate Profit

Imagination is one of our most powerful assets that can help create Ecuador real estate profits. In fact imagination can help create profits anywhere. Right Handed Conch Thoughts on imagination sprang from a recent message about Ecuador Wonders and how right handed conchs reflect a reality though the  golden mean. That recent message mentioned a […] [Read Imagination for Ecuador Real Estate Profit]

Ecuador Rose Savings

First, excuse my error.  Our message this morning dropped a link that showed an Ecuador beach condo for $23,000. I’ll share this link in a moment. First wow!  Our Ecuador Valentine’s roses offer a great savings. I have been watching the price of roses in Publix Supermarket and they are running up to $1.99 a […] [Read Ecuador Rose Savings]

Fight Economic Collapse With Value

A recent multi currency update Economic Collapse looked at how there is growing risk and  chance of economic collapse. Every investment adviser I work with is nervous… the stock market rose dramatically in 2009… perhaps beyond good value. Investors must protect themselves now and one way to do so… if you have time to let […] [Read Fight Economic Collapse With Value]