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Ecuador Future

What’s Ecuador’s future… and that in the US and around the world? On the eve of a new year, a new decade… in a new millennium, these seem fair questions to ask… what comes next? Every decade has its boom.  In the 1970s it was gold.  The 1980s saw the Japanese stock market turn into […] [Read Ecuador Future]

Ecuador Currency

Ecuador’s currency is the US dollar. When Merri and I first arrived in Ecuador the currency was the sucre and it took 3,000 sucre to buy one dollar.  About five years after we arrived the sucre had dropped to about 8,000 sucres to buy a US dollar.  Then a decade ago the Ecuadorian economy went […] [Read Ecuador Currency]

Join the International Club 2010

If you plan to join us at six or more seminars and tours in Ecuador, Florida or  North Carolina in 2010 you can save as an International Club member. Merri and I hope you will join us for many seminars and tours in 2010 See details about each of our seminar and tours below… then […] [Read Join the International Club 2010]

Quito Boutique Hotel

Quito’s best boutique hotel is the new Mansion del Angel. Your dreams of living like royalty in the New Year can now be fulfilled..even on a budget! We announce with great pleasure the renovation and opening of our best friends, Michel Duer and Jorge Espinosa’s historic property…see below! The newly restored Mansion del Angel Quito […] [Read Quito Boutique Hotel]

BRIC 2010

Our last update looked at BRIC opportunity versus the US dollar. That update entitled Bric Value Speculation said:  BRIC investing makes sense because these countries are still viewed as emerging markets… but they now are major economies. Together, these four countries generate approximately 27% of the world´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The BRIC economies are also […] [Read BRIC 2010]

La Mirage Cotacachi Garden Hotel & Spa

La Mirage is a garden hotel and spa listed as a Relais and Chateaux property…that is here in tiny Cotacachi! La Mirage Garden Spa & Hotel is the best luxury hotel.  This is a great place to stay if you are looking for a luxury hotel anywhere in Ecuador.  In fact, La Mirage is a […] [Read La Mirage Cotacachi Garden Hotel & Spa]

Ecuador Birding Business

Ecuador Birding Business Ecuador birding is big business that can create a business opportunity for you… maybe even more. Yesterday’s message looked at how birds reflect patterns of nature.  Perhaps this is why bird watching is such a popular sport. Merri and I love watching Ecuador’s birds on the beach, the… Frigate Birds as they […] [Read Ecuador Birding Business]

Giving & Receiving an Ecuador Lesson

Merri and I have learned a lot from giving and receiving in Ecuador…. about the deepest patterns of nature and how they can bring happiness and success. There seems to be an equilibrium at the Ecuador… something that comes from being at the center of the world… centers everything.  So sometimes simple but profound objects […] [Read Giving & Receiving an Ecuador Lesson]

Christmas Offer

Join us at a seminar or tour in Ecuador, Florida or  North Carolina… in 2010. See details about each of our seminar and tours below… then see our December special that allows you to attend them all FREE. For International Investing and Business. For Super Thinking + Spanish For Ecuador Shamanic Tour For Ecuador Export […] [Read Christmas Offer]

Ecuador Christmas Gifts

Ecuador Christmas Gifts Ecuador Chritsmas gifts… a dozen, incredible fresh cut  red (or white) roses delivered to your doorstep by Fedex for just $17.37. See how to… get to the correct links for Ecuador Christmas roses here. or go to Learn how to send eight incredible Christmas gifts like this for just… Just $17.37 […] [Read Ecuador Christmas Gifts]