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Cuenca Hotel Savings

Here is another Cuenca hotel savings.  Ecuador Living subscribers can now receive discounts at the Cuenca El Dorado hotel in the center of Cuenca. The Cuenca El Dorado has 40 executive standard rooms all of which have been recently renovated. You can choose among singles, doubles, triples or a special handicap room. Here is a […] [Read Cuenca Hotel Savings]

Cuenca Boutique Hotel

A great Cuenca boutique hotel is the Boutique Hotel Mansion Alcazar. Boutique Hotel Mansion Alcazar is a beautiful sample of the unparalleled Ecuadorian Republican luxury style. The 19th-century house was restored to its original splendor and has been designed to be a home for visitors staying in the city for business or for pleasure. The […] [Read Cuenca Boutique Hotel]

Ecuador Legal Checklist

Ecuador Legal Checklist A recent message about Ecuador Legal scams started when I received this note from a subscriber. “Gary, When I read your newsletter today, I was hoping you would say something about the cost of a visa.  Unfortunately, there are people who are promising newcomers a resident’s visa for $7000.  I’ve never heard […] [Read Ecuador Legal Checklist]

Ecuador & the US Dollar

Ecuador and the US dollar. A Canadian reader recently sent this question about Ecuador and the US dollar. I am hoping our Canadian dollar gains on the US dollar so we stretch our purchasing power in Ecuador.  Could you give me a better idea of the potential for this? An excerpt from one of our […] [Read Ecuador & the US Dollar]

Ecuador Thanksgiving Trek

Ecuador Thanksgiving Christmas Trek Free Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and we give special thanks to all of you who help support this site.  To show our appreciation we have organized a free Ecuador holiday trek for early December.   The savings on Christmas shopping are so great you can almost have a trip to […] [Read Ecuador Thanksgiving Trek]

Ecuador Singles

Ecuador Singles are very safe in many parts of Ecuador. A reader recently sent this note. Hello Gary,  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails on Ecuador.  I would love to visit you when I have some funds available, and because of the economy my funds are non existent for travel now.  I have […] [Read Ecuador Singles]

Ambato Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Ambato Ecuador Real Estate Tour Free A recent message contained an advertisement for Ambato apartments and condos for sale. Ambato Ecuador condos and commercial shops… Ecuador income producing property for sale. Ambato is one of Ecuador’s important cities but has been largely ignored by expats.  This gives readers a chance to have income producing real […] [Read Ambato Ecuador Real Estate Tour]

Cuenca Real Estate

Cuenca Real Estate The Cuenca real estate market grows. Real Estate in Cuenca has wonderful architecture. Here is Cuenca’s Main Square. Even the daily press is catching on to Cuenca and Ecuador real estate. An article “House Hunting in … Ecuador” by Lisa Keys recently appeared in the New York Times. Here are excerpts from […] [Read Cuenca Real Estate]

Ecuador Real Estate Search

When you start your Ecuador real estate search, remember a thought that has been around for quite awhile…”Veni Vidi Vici.” I came… I saw… I conquered.  The phrase is not “I conquered over the internet and then flew down”. The biggest most important factor is first to come… The second is to look and see.   […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate Search]

Ecuador B&B Search

There are many Ecuador B&B opportunities around… but you must think of one important factor as you search for an Ecuador Bed and Breakfast. A reader recently sent me this note: We are Canadians with some savings and a desire to leave the rat race  behind and enjoy a higher quality of life.  We are […] [Read Ecuador B&B Search]