Ecuador Savings & Opportunity

Ecuador Offers Savings & Opportunity

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Ecuador airfares are reduced right now, but Ecuador savings go way beyond travel costs.

Ecuador real estate costs are rising, but prices are still low and there are enormous savings from visiting or living  in Ecuador.


This note sent by a reader shows this fact in details.   He wrote:

Gary, I hope all is well.  I thought you might get a kick out of this even know you know it is true.

This is how it started, I got a call Saturday night from my wife who lives in Ecuador. I was needed down there to sign some papers for some land we just purchased again.

I ended up getting a great deal? within minutes after my conversation with my wife the same Saturday night through I booked a flight for the coming Monday (labor day) going there was $279 nonstop coming back on September 15th is where they got me the return trip was $644 nonstop after some discounts the round trip was 9 hundred and change not that good of a deal but I was able to leave the states under 48 hours I had not much time to organize.

My text to my friends will explain the rest read below.
Monday labor day while all you guys are sleeping I am in the airport working on my laptop and waiting to depart at 10am Ecuador by 4pm I have only $64 dollars and a small plastic bottle full of change for $64 if I had too I could live the rest of week in Ecuador I already have it planned out it will cost me $3 for the taxi ride to my place me and my wife will eat out tonight for $10. Once I get to my place I have a car so don’t have to worry about taxi fees and the gas here is $1.38 a gallon I could fill up my car for less than $20 but with my finance situation at the moment I will only put $10 in gas. This leaves me with $41 dollars. Tomorrow Tuesday morning me and my wife will eat out again for breakfast $4 each we will have eggs, bacon, ham, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice and yogurt total cost for the both of us $8 and $1 tip. From there we are going to the beach (Salinas) we will hit a .25 toll and lots of vendors we will buy some bottles of water for .35 each and some fruit for $2 we will get 2 bottles of water 1 bottle of lemonade, 2 bananas and 2 pastries this will hold us off till dinner time. Once we get to the beach we have a friend that loans us his apartment and I have $29 left with this $29 dollars this night we will eat out again $10 go to the movies for $6 and $5 for nachos, a drink and tomorrow morning Wednesday we will eat out again $8 this leaves me with $0 and that bottle of change I am sure at least another $10 with this we will eat Lunch, plenty of fluids till dinner time and plenty of ATM machines in walking distance. This will be almost 3 days on $74 dollars.
I am now 33 years old very successful in the rat race in the states for the last 5 years I have been coming down to Ecuador I have been setting myself up down here and now besides my beautiful wife and a family we are going to start. I own several lots on the coast, a car, an apartment and starting to construct my first condo on the coast, involved in some other projects as well and in 2010 I will be retiring in Ecuador at 33 years old living the good.

Gary I don’t recall if I told you this but everything I learned was from your websites and Today my passport has 38 stamps I filled it up the first 2 years and had to send away for more pages I have never been anywhere else other then Ecuador beside just recently 3 weeks ago I took a trip to DR with some friends and will never go back there again.  It’s all Ecuador for me.

I am putting my experience on paper DR verse Ecuador and will share with you and your readers.

Gary and International Living Thank You.  There is no way I would have a accomplished what I have without you. I am retiring at 33 because of what I learned from YOU!.

Taxes on this house below, for sale at $69,000 (furnished) are barley $30 a year.


Peaceful, quiet views from the garden deck. Lots of birds singing the the morning.

Cotacachi-adobe- Property-Rental-garden

Deck chairs in the outdoor lounging place…facing the sunrise.


Outdoor Bar-B-Q just below.

Cotacachi-House-Rental-Bar B Q

Nice kitchen with all hardwood cabinets.


Light and bright.



Cotacachi-Rental-real estate-dining-room

Open plan with unique handmade furniture from coffee wood.

Ecuadorian botanical art.


Really comfortable brand new king size bed and lots of hardwood closets.


Plus a second bathroom.

Cotacachi-real estate-Rental-bathrooms

We hope to meet you in Ecuador.


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