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Ecuador Demonstrations

There were some Ecuador demonstrations last week. This and the AP photos below by Dolores Ochoa show Ecuador protesters blocking the Pan Am Highway. See excerpts of the related article below. Merri and I are used to these Ecuador protests as they are part of life in Ecuador. Though we have not seen any Ecuador […] [Read Ecuador Demonstrations]

Cotacachi Shamanic Tour

We are repeating our Beyond Logic & Cotacachi Shamanic Tour this December 6, 7 and 8, 2009 because the most successful thoughts come from Beyond Logic. This may be why the Beyond Logic & Cotacachi Shamanic tour has been one of the must successful of our 2009 tours. Due to this demand we are repeating […] [Read Cotacachi Shamanic Tour]

Ecuador Health Food

Ecuador’s food is health food… compared to food in the US… even Ecuador’s fast food is pretty good. Many mistakenly think that Ecuador food is something like Mexican food. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never seen a taco or antijito in Ecuador, although they are available in the big cities in […] [Read Ecuador Health Food]

Global Business Warriors

International businesses are global business warriors. If we could get everyone working together, making and serving each other around the world… we might avoid a lot of the confrontation and aggression we see today.  Who wants to blow up a good client? See how this fact can help create income for you. This is why […] [Read Global Business Warriors]

International Investing Light

There may be international investing light at the end of the tunnel… soon… but we must take care for now. See below how this can create income in Ecuador.  Hand dyed, all natural yarn ready for beautiful sweaters. We must take care because before we really see the international economic light, I expect one more […] [Read International Investing Light]

New Quito Ecuador Airport

A new Quito Ecuador airport is scheduled to open in 2010 to replace the current Mariscal Sucre airport. On the subject of Mariscal Sucre airport, this is one of the nicest emerging market airports Merri and I have ever used. Clean carpeted jetports take you to a shiny marble clad, rose decorated immigration area where […] [Read New Quito Ecuador Airport]

Last Chance Essential Oils

We sadly received the note below about last chance essential oils from our friends John and Candace Newman. Candace spent many years traveling with us and the yatchaks in Ecuador. Here is Candace with the Taita Yatchak, our daughter Francesca and friends on a journey through Ecuador and Peru studying mystical sites. Here is Candace […] [Read Last Chance Essential Oils]

Our Business Genius Within

We all have some form of genius that becomes unlocked when we do what we love. Merri and I are just back from conducting our Super Thinking + Spanish course.  Here is the class studying at the Cotacachi Museum next to Meson de las Flores. We had some surprises while there, like the Corn Queen […] [Read Our Business Genius Within]

Internet Business Haro

New micro internet business opportunities arise all the time… Your own small internet business is a great way to make money… but there is something more. Morning on Cotacachi Ecuador’s plaza may be foggy but the economy is sunny and bright… and I was sitting on our balcony at our hotel Inn Land of the […] [Read Internet Business Haro]

Salinas Coastal Beach Condo For Sale

Here is a Salinas coastal beach condo for sale that will be viewed on the October Ecuador South Coast Real Estate Tour (only three spaces left). This is a 2nd property on the tour where the tour operator is offering a 2% discount to Ecuador Living subscribers who are on the tour. Amy Pinoargote who […] [Read Salinas Coastal Beach Condo For Sale]