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Electric Investments

Yesterday’s message looked at high voltage investments ideas. In a moment we’ll see an Ecuador income idea. First, here are some more electric thoughts about investing in energy. Investments in alternate energy can be profitable.  For example in 2006 we introduced the idea of investing in the Vestas Wind Turbine company.  The chart below from […] [Read Electric Investments]

High Voltage International Investing

Here are some international investing ideas that could bring a shock. We can add energy to our international investment portfolios with investments in green energy! Will the new Chevy Volt add energy into an investment portfolio? But which green investments make sense? Ecuador for example is regreening the Galapagos. We’ll see why and how in […] [Read High Voltage International Investing]

Ecuador Jobs

Ecuador farming is one way to create your own Ecuador job. In a moment we’ll see how to diversify globally to beat  inflation and protect your savings. First, let’s look at ways to earn income abroad. Ecuador’s land is rich. Here is some land recently purchased by a reader just outside Cotacachi… beans and blackberries […] [Read Ecuador Jobs]

Brazil Market September 2009 Update

Here is a Brazilian market update. Earlier this summer we reviewed a Brazilian distortion. The rise in Brazil’s market and the Brazilian real have been steady since. Jyske Global Asset Management’s recent update points out that the global economy is picking up but they are not adding many stocks yet. One investment they have added […] [Read Brazil Market September 2009 Update]

Ecuador Scams

Ecuador scams are like scams anywhere in the world… best avoided. There are enough scams in the world that we have no control over like… Madoff…  like Federal spending… like Social Security… like underfunded pensions. Yet we can avoid scams  that we would otherwise bring on ourselves. Decades ago we learned that there are many […] [Read Ecuador Scams]

Ecuador Preconstruction Property

Here is an Ecuador beach preconstruction property. We do not normally write about or allow advertising of Ecuador preconstruction property but Dr. Andres Cordova, our friend and attorney, has helped so many of our readers over the past decade that we skipped this rule and posted a message about his special Ecuador preconstruction property. Andres […] [Read Ecuador Preconstruction Property]

Ecuador Beats Inflation

Living in Ecuador is one way to beat inflation. Ecuadorians now how to live well on less.  They even farm steep land like this. See two other ways to beat inflation below. Beating inflation is absolutely vital now… especially for those about to retire… because Social Security is fading. Lalla was a 14th century poetess […] [Read Ecuador Beats Inflation]

International Investment Purification

What is the difference between health and wealth? Not much, just WH.   They are very connected. Without good health, wealth may not last long…  nor is wealth very important when health fails, except to regain health. We can apply an idea about having better health through purification, to enhance our wealth.  We can improve our […] [Read International Investment Purification]

Ecuador Longevity & Smalltown US Value

Ecuador has many valleys of longevity… but it is more than just the valley that enhances the long lives there. There are at least three longevity secrets. Because of big value changes, in a moment we’ll look at real estate value in Smalltown USA compared to Ecuador property. First, the three Ecuador longevity secrets. Secret […] [Read Ecuador Longevity & Smalltown US Value]

South Ecuador Beach Property

New ideas offer great opportunity so our south Ecuador beach property tour has attracted attention. In a moment we’ll look at another green battery thought. First here is a south Ecuador beach real estate advertisement placed by our friend and attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova. I’m glad to see you are doing a coastal series.  I […] [Read South Ecuador Beach Property]