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International Investment Gains

Our latest International Investment & Business Seminar here in Ashe County,  North Carolina  looked at International Investment gains that were up 14% in the first six months of this year. When these seminars begin… there is always a hint of excitement.   Thomas Fisher has flown in from Denmark. Our webmaster, David Cross, has arrived from […] [Read International Investment Gains]

Ecuador Car Rental

You can see Ecuador car rental companies and Ecuador car rental rates below. Ecuador car rentals are something we avoid so before we look at the rentals let me try to talk you out of using an Ecuador car rental. One reason why we do not recommend driving is we often see three drivers passing […] [Read Ecuador Car Rental]

Ecuador Luxury Villa in Loja Ecuador

Ecuador Luxury Villa in Loja, Ecuador Here is an advertisement for an Ecuador Luxury Villa for rent (or sale) in Loja Ecuador. One of the first cities Merri and I ever visited in Ecuador was Loja, the capital of Loja Province and Loja Canton. We never had a chance to visit this small town again […] [Read Ecuador Luxury Villa in Loja Ecuador]

Ecuador Spanish Program

A recent message about our Ecuador Spanish Course looked at how our Super Thinking Course differs from regular Spanish programs because it focuses coordinating brain frequencies for learning. This is important because change can create a brain drain when our brain frequencies are not integrated. Delegates at our Super Thinking + Spanish Courses and our […] [Read Ecuador Spanish Program]

Retire in Ecuador – Out of Cities

Retire in Ecuador… our wherever…out of town because isolated places may be out of the box bargains. Merri and I have purchased many isolated places.  Here is a shot from our North Carolina farm. A reader, wanting to know whether to retire in Ecuador or not sent this note last week: Dear Gary, I have […] [Read Retire in Ecuador – Out of Cities]

Retire in Ecuador – Joyfully

Whether we retire in Ecuador… in another country or at home, we should do so joyfully. This is one thing we love about Ecuador… the joyfulness of the people, as I hope these shots I took in Otavalo and Cotacachi show. Old ones. Families. Young ones. Men and women. Workers and… Vendors. Matter of fact […] [Read Retire in Ecuador – Joyfully]

International Investing Clue

A recent New York Times article gives us an international investing clues. Here is an excerpt: WASHINGTON — Reacting to the violent swings in oil prices in recent months, federal regulators announced on Tuesday that they were considering new restrictions on “speculative” traders in markets for oil, natural gas and other energy products. The move […] [Read International Investing Clue]

Retire in Ecuador Spanish

If you retire in Ecuador…plan to speak Spanish. We visit the markets during our Ecuador Spanish course and practice what we learn. We receive notes from readers every day and this one especially reminds me that speaking Spanish when you retire or live in Ecuador can do more than just help you communicate. Hi Gary […] [Read Retire in Ecuador Spanish]

Retire With Micro Income

You can retire in with micro income from an internet business. An Ecuador Living subscriber just sent me this note. Hey Gary, My Ecuador Living subscription has already paid for itself with the free night in your lovely hotel in Cotacachi. Your articles are interesting and timely and the pictures of Ecuador are lovely. That […] [Read Retire With Micro Income]

Ecuador Living Fear Eclipsed

Living in Ecuador or anywhere abroad requires overcoming fear and change. Today’s rare solar eclipse comes only every two or three generations and is thought to represent times of change.  There is a need for us to feel positive. Below we’ll look at change in bond markets and how to retire the the 4.75% ISS […] [Read Ecuador Living Fear Eclipsed]