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Montanita Ecuador Beach Property Shots

Here are more photos from Montanita Ecuador Beach Property article. Downtown Montanita Ecuador. Ceviche seller on Montanita Ecuador beach. Montanita Ecuador beach has younger crowds… surfers. Mike Sager’s house in Montanita Ecuador. His front yard in Montanita Ecuador. Montanita Ecuador waves. This is where surfers go to Montanita Ecuador. View lots in Montanita Ecuador See […] [Read Montanita Ecuador Beach Property Shots]

Ecuador Beach Property – Montanita

Our last three messages are part of a series on Ecuador beach property. Today the series continues and shows Ecuador beach property that appeals to surfers. Yesterday’s message saw how Crucita has the best parasailing in Ecuador. Here is a shot I took of a parasailer over Crucita’s coast. Montanita has the best surfing. Here […] [Read Ecuador Beach Property – Montanita]

Euador Beach Property – Crucita

Our last two message started a series on Ecuador beach property. Today the series continues and shows how to have Ecuador beach property with views like this. This shot was taken in Crucita Ecuador on a recent Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour I am adding a stronger buy signal for Ecuador beach property from Salinas […] [Read Euador Beach Property – Crucita]

Keppler Value Review

Our last multi currency lesson looked at why my portfolio is heavily skewed in Scandinavian currencies.  If you need refreshing,  see that lesson here. Perhaps other investors are moving in this direction as well because we can see in Keppler’s quarterly major market review that he is ranking Denmark as poor value and has downgraded […] [Read Keppler Value Review]

Ecuador Beach Property – Jama

Yesterday’s message began a series on Ecuador beach property because I believe there is extra value on the beach now due to  rumors that have scared some buyers away. Looking beyond the rumor allows us to take advantage of the truism, “Buy on the rumor and sell on the news.” This provides us with extra […] [Read Ecuador Beach Property – Jama]

Kroner Firms

My favorite currencies at this time are Scandinavian. Our last lesson looked at how I remain highly diversified from a currency point of view.  Here is my current currency breakdown. Currency Distribution of Investments: Danish kroner    24% Euro                     24% British Pound      8% US Dollar   […] [Read Kroner Firms]

Ecuador Beach Property Review

Ecuador beach property has always represented incredible value in my opinion. Now there is an extra value on Ecuador’s beach because rumors have scared some buyers away.  This means that intelligent investors can take advantage of the truism, “Buy on the rumors and sell on the news.” For example one reader just sent me this […] [Read Ecuador Beach Property Review]

Ecuador Shots & Global Comments

Here are some shots of Ecuador and comments from readers about our recent Ecuador Joys & Global Thoughts article. Here is a photo taken of a proud Ecuadorian cheese maker.  Our next Imbabura real estate tour will view this organic farm and Swiss cheese factory for sale. The first reader wrote: Gary, A fine letter from […] [Read Ecuador Shots & Global Comments]

Quito Ecuador Airfares – May 2009

Airfares to Quito Ecuador are very low for travel in May. Ecuador’s Aerogal airline is offering return flights from Miami in May for $388. According to Avianca Aerovias is beating that with a return fare of $379! American Airlines offers a round trip deal for $390. Delta currently leads the way for Atlanta Quito […] [Read Quito Ecuador Airfares – May 2009]

Ecuador Mother’s Day Roses

Ecuador Mother’s Day Roses can now be ordered. See below how to get 50 Mother’s Day Roses free below. Merri and I love our fresh roses from Ecuador.  We immediately place them on our dining room table and by morning they are fully opened and incredible! Here is our last bouquet. Ecuador Mother’s Day roses […] [Read Ecuador Mother’s Day Roses]