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Ecuador Rose News

There is good and bad Ecuador rose news. The really good news is that Ecuador roses are truly stunning! In a minute I’ll show you some great Ecuador property for sale.  First, the Ecuador rose news. We have roses everywhere in our hotel. In the court yard where we dine. In the rooms. In the […] [Read Ecuador Rose News]

Ecuador Beach View & River Property

How would you like to live here… on this Ecuador beach view & river property? How would you like to own your own 232 acre Ecuador beach view & river estate with three rivers and a iew of this beach… plus world class ocean views like this?  and… land like this. Many recent messages have […] [Read Ecuador Beach View & River Property]

DKR Further Study

Before we start this lesson remember… as a multi currency subscriber, Jyske Global Asset Management is waiving the $499 fee ($750 for two) for  its upcoming May 29-31  JGAM Florida Investment Seminar. Now onto the lesson: A recent major currency review lesson looked at how to value currencies by analyzing  government debt and trade balances. […] [Read DKR Further Study]

Ecuador Easter Lilies

Fresh Ecuador Easter lilies are now available to be delivered to your home in the USA. Over the past years, hundreds of Gary Scott readers have had fresh Ecuador roses delivered direct from Ecuador to their home by Fedex. For this Easter holiday you can have the option of Ecuador lilies or fresh Ecuador roses. […] [Read Ecuador Easter Lilies]

Multi Currency Investment Seminar

The Multi Currency Investment Seminar conducted by Jyske Global Asset Management will be conducted  May 29 through 31. Details on this multi currency seminar are below. Learn how to gain free attendance at this multi currency seminar and save $499 or $750. Thomas Fischer wrote: Hi Gary,  I have spoken with the hotel you recommended  […] [Read Multi Currency Investment Seminar]

Multi Currency Seminar

The Multi Currency Seminar conducted by Jyske Global Asset Management will be conducted  May 29 through 31. Details on this multi currency seminar are below. If you are a paid subscriber to one of our online multi currency course, please  click here to our password protected site and enroll for free attendance at the multi […] [Read Multi Currency Seminar]

Ecuador Shamans & Essential Oil

Ecuador shamans use essential oils in their healing ceremonies and in many other ways.   While living in Ecuador with the shamans, Merri, I and our friend Candace Newman learned many additions to existing healing techniques with essential oils. Here is Candace with a Taita Yatchak, our daughter Francesca and friends at Machu Pichu. Essential […] [Read Ecuador Shamans & Essential Oil]

Cotacachi Sun

One huge benefit of Cotacachi is the sun. Even January to March which is the rainy season in Cotacachi, there is plenty of sun.  I watch it rise behind the Cathedral each day.  Here he comes! This year Cotacachi has been cloudy, but rained all day only one day.  Merri and I walk early every […] [Read Cotacachi Sun]

Galapagos Cruise News

We have some Galapagos cruise news and other good Galapagos news. Yesterday’s message shared how Vistazul’s first residents sent this note upon moving into their new home: Hi, Gary & Merri   Being in our condo is everything Shirley and I were hoping for. Thank you for making us aware that there are great places to […] [Read Galapagos Cruise News]

More Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale

Our latest Cotacachi real estate tour inspected a lot of Cotacachi real estate for sale. Part of the Cotacachi real estate for sale included seven new houses about to be built. The location of these houses is ideal… less then a minutes walk to the smaller of the two Cotacachi plazas. This Cotacachi real estate […] [Read More Cotacachi Real Estate for Sale]