Cotacachi Surprise Parade

Merri and I love Cotacachi for many reasons…the sweet people…the beauty…the weather….the low cost and another great thing… Cotacachi is always filled with surprise!

Yesterday’s surprise came in the form of this Cotacachi parade.


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Merri and I have been tracking via photo the progress of road construction in Cotacachi

So yesterday I stepped out to shoot the latest progress and stepped right into the middle of this parade instead.


This was put on by school kids from all around!  My camera is a tiny Sony about the size of a thick credit card so it is always in my pocket and I began shooting.

The parade was heading to this square next to our hotel.


It was obviously not going to be a quiet village day. Instead gaiety …color …action!

Cotacachi-parade There were children little… like the balloon rabbits here.


medium age students…


and those almost grown.












and earnest musicans, reed…

cotacachi-music brass…

cotacachi-music and drum.


Plus there were thousands of delighted spectators (your truly included)…boys and and women…all sharing the festivity.


They welcome you to join us…


to enjoy Cotacachi.


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