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Cotacachi Health Food

A lot of the food in Cotacachi is health food… in a natural way. This is not to say that all the food in Cotacachi is organic.  Many farmers use chemicals. What you can say and can see from this local Cotacachi food market… is that most of the food is local and fresh. The […] [Read Cotacachi Health Food]

Ecuador Business Passion

Ecuador offers the  opportunity to add the power of passion in a new business that allows you to live anywhere in the world. A recent message looked at the low cost of Ecuador living and warned about loving in Ecuador because it is so easy to fall in love with the people and the country […] [Read Ecuador Business Passion]

Ecuador Tax

Ecuador tax benefits can help you smell the roses. This was my thought as we viewed property on our recent Ecuador real estate tour.  My mind was not on the taxes, but on the flowers as I viewed the flora at just one river house we visited.   Gardening is a favorite hobby and Ecuador […] [Read Ecuador Tax]

Ecuador Beach Property Costs

Ecuador beach property offers tax and cost of living benefits. On our recent Ecuador beach property tour we looked at any properties up and down Ecuador’s coast.  The Ecuador beach property we saw ranged from $18,000 for one of these small houses… to this luxury Manta condo with huge balcony at $260,0000 asking… to this […] [Read Ecuador Beach Property Costs]

Cotacachi Cost of Living

Cotacachi and Ecuador offer tax and cost of living benefits. Our recent Cotacachi real estate tour looked at a number of Prima Vera II condos for sale in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. Here is one of the four Prima Vera II blocks. While viewing this unit we talked to American owner Bill Daily about […] [Read Cotacachi Cost of Living]

Cotacachi Dental Savings Example

Ecuador and Cotacachi dental savings can be substantial. A Canadian guest at our hotel Meson de las Flores just explained to me that he saved $11,300 on dental work.  The quote for his dental work in Canada was $13,000.  In Cotacahi he paid $1,700.  He felt the dental work was as good as he would […] [Read Cotacachi Dental Savings Example]

Cotacachi Real Estate Tour

Our Cotacachi real estate tour began last Thursday and looked the first day at real estate in Ibarra. This is the largest city near Cotacachi. We looked at real estate in the $70,000 to $90,000 range.  Ibarra real estate is a little more expensive than Cotacachi real estate. Ibarra houses are nice though, like in […] [Read Cotacachi Real Estate Tour]

Cotacachi Exports & Art

Cotacachi and Ecuador exports & art offer good opportunity to extra as you enjoy this wonderful country. There is more about Cotacachi and exports below but first here is some art work…from an artist…who is not from Cotacachi…but… he sent me this note. Hello in Cotacachi.  My name is Carlos Viteri-Jervis, I´m from Ecuador and […] [Read Cotacachi Exports & Art]

Emerging Market Value Update – Jan. 2009

Where can one invest and logically expect a fast return? The US T-Bond 10 year yield is really low at 2.63%. Investment there may seem safe but will e eaten aloe by inflation. The US stock market is weak now as well. The Morgan Stanley Capital Index is : 830.42  down this week by -2.5% […] [Read Emerging Market Value Update – Jan. 2009]

Cotacachi Spanish Schedule

Our Cotacachi Spanish course just finished. See yesterday’s message Cotacachi Health Opportunities about this course. During the course Cotacachi was the center of a massive demonstration that may lead to some significant political impact. Here is a comment about this from Journalists without borders. Community journalist arrested during indigenous people’s protests against mining law. Reporters […] [Read Cotacachi Spanish Schedule]