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New Year Economic Lesson

2008 provided many economic lessons that we can use in the new year. I am one of the luckiest guys in the world because several of the most important new year economic lessons this year were provided by my children.  This allows me to be a bragging dad and actually share a worthwhile point in […] [Read New Year Economic Lesson]

Ecuador Beach Condo Surprise

Here is an Ecuador beach condo development where a number of single women expats call home. One of the best ways to beat inflation is to live in low costs areas like the coast around Bahia Ecuador. Here’s an update on this area beginning south of Bahia starting at San Clemente. Beach at San Clemente. […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo Surprise]

Profit From the 2011 Economic Disaster

Are We 33 Months From Real Economic Disaster? Dear International Friend, Many investors worry about the current economic downturn…yet there is a destructive investment fundamental that is now so powerful it overwhelms all other factors that affect investing.  It has such power it could destroy most investors in North America and make the current recession […] [Read Profit From the 2011 Economic Disaster]

Multi Currency Inflation

Multi currency inflation will have a profound  impact on  your investments and savings. The key to understanding multi currency investing and inflation is to understand that a shrinkage of the global economy  creates deflation. See how to determine which scenario will unfold at inflation or deflation Here is an excerpt from that multi currency lesson. […] [Read Multi Currency Inflation]

Inflation or Deflation

Recent messages have looked at the struggle between inflation and deflation because few economic fundamentals will have as much impact on how you should diversify your multi currency portfolio. The key to understanding these economics is a clear view of how much the global economy shrinks (deflation) versus how much governments borrow to stop that […] [Read Inflation or Deflation]


Ecuador-shaman-mingos are great healers…and colorful as well. Here is a shot taken by our friend Dennis Goff, a professional photographer. He took an entire series of photos at one of our  recent Ecuador-shaman mingos. See them at Ecuador-shaman mingos. Learn about our two  upcoming Ecuador-shaman-mingo tours at Feb. 9-11 Beyond Logic – Ecuador-Shaman Mingo June […] [Read Ecuador-Shaman-Mingos]

Ecuador Baggage Warning

Here is an Ecuador baggage warning from Merri. Have any of you seen Morgan Freeman’s soul comedy, 10 Items or less? Well, I entitle this sad story of travel  4 Items or less:  Moratorium on Ecuador Baggage. For years, when Gary and I lived in Old Naples, we traveled to Ecuador and the world out […] [Read Ecuador Baggage Warning]

Quito Shopping

Quito shopping is excellent. In fact Quito is one of my favorite cities. Few events excite me like watching the Quito dawn. The city reveals herself in a purple haze…waking slowly… but with great energy.  Honored by the world as a Heritage City, Quito is ancient, rich…powerful city with every amenity. Home to more than […] [Read Quito Shopping]

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday This season is a profound holiday here at the farm. During this time we are often welcomed by cold brightness but… wrapped in a cozy, white blanket as well. Winter sculpts a glorious crystal scene in the back yard. What a gift and… our holiday walks share  a few obstacles caused by the […] [Read Happy Holiday]

More Inflation Leanings

This is a exciting time, filled with opportunity….if we correctly guess what future economic scenarios might unfold… and always keep value in mind. Value is our anchor in the tides of an ever changing world.  Markets are continually in a state of flux…sometimes priced too high…sometimes too low.  Hardly ever are they priced right… always […] [Read More Inflation Leanings]