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Cotacachi Export Opportunity

Cotacachi export opportunity is especially important now. The economic doldrums and economic bailouts create uncertain times…yet these market corrections make two things certain…inflation and less job dependability. More of us will need to earn income and Cotacachi Exports can be a fun and fulfilling way to do this. There are so any crafts markets around […] [Read Cotacachi Export Opportunity]

Cotacachi Shamanic Fractals

Cotacachi shamanic fractals can help us see beyond logic. The shamanic vision can expand our fullness of sight during times when outside events have too little history to depend on. When we think as the shamans of Cotacachi do, we see events…fate…and our free will as being connected. The shamans in Cotacachi call all these […] [Read Cotacachi Shamanic Fractals]

Cotacachi Ecuador Shopping

Cotacachi Ecuador shopping offers bargains abound…in leather and art. Many readers visited this season and did their Christmas shipping. They had great savings but since this is the biggest day of the year for buying gifts and a bit late to come down…here is another Cotacachi Ecuador shopping idea…Cotacachi inspired art. Here are some shots […] [Read Cotacachi Ecuador Shopping]

Spanish in Cotacachi

Spanish is easy to learn in Cotacachi because Ecuadorians speak a very pure form of Spanish… Plus El Meson in Cotacachi is the only place in Ecuador I believe where super thinking Spanish is taught. Join us here in our Cotacachi courtyard at our hotel El Meson de las Flores to learn Spanish in a […] [Read Spanish in Cotacachi]

Bahia Ecuador Condo For Sale

Here is a nice Bahia Ecuador condo for sale. This building is in our favorite coastal city,  Bahia Ecuador and is about 12 years old. The Bahia Ecuador condo is a two story penthouse. The owners are Danish. They sailed here years ago, started the first ice company in Bahia, bought the condo and have […] [Read Bahia Ecuador Condo For Sale]

November 2008 Emerging Market Evaluations

This is a summary through November 2008 of Emerging Market Value reviews of Michael Keppler’s market valuations. Recent Developments & Outlook Emerging Markets equities suffered their worst monthly decline since August 1998, when the MSCI Emerging Markets Index lost 28.9 % in the Asian/LTCM crisis. Last month, the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Emerging Markets […] [Read November 2008 Emerging Market Evaluations]

Cotacachi Ecuador Shamanic Aqua Flora

Cotacachi Ecuador shamanic aqua floras (floral essential oils) are used in most shamanic ceremonies and shamanic purifications in Cotacachi. One reason Merri and I live in Cotacachi is because our Ecuador shamanic teachers all agree that the energy between Mt. Cotacachi and Mt. Imbabura is special. This area is called the mid point of the […] [Read Cotacachi Ecuador Shamanic Aqua Flora]

Ecuador Sunday in Manta

Ecuador Sunday’s in Manta can be wonderfully civilized even from your own $49,000 sea view condo…as you will see below. Manta is Ecuador’s fastest growing city…has been for years. As an international port there are parts of the town that are rough. FOR EXAMPLE, STAY AWAY FROM THE TUNA FACTORIES IN NORTH MANTA…PHEW! Yet at […] [Read Ecuador Sunday in Manta]

Cotacachi Crime

Cotacachi crime appears to be rising. Let’s put some perspective on this and see why a friendly village like Cotacachi might have increased crime. I love the dawn….the perspective it brings in its glowing magnificence. The sun always shines. We get another day. So I always try to live in places where I can see […] [Read Cotacachi Crime]

Ecuador Shamanic Thought

Ecuador shamanic thought can help us during this economic downturn. Learn three shamanic lessons below that show why. Recessions and depressions destroy many investors and businesses. Yet these times of cleansing are also the breeding ground for the next group of extreme rich. Why do some succeed when so many fail? They have different ways […] [Read Ecuador Shamanic Thought]