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Multi Currency Bonds

The international financial crisis is creating bank failures globally. Now even Iceland, a AAA borrower has been hit. Iceland’s central bank provided government intervention, for Glitner, Iceland’s third biggest bank as it was about to fail within weeks. Iceland purchased a 75 percent stake for 600 million euros ($878 million). Where is it safe to […] [Read Multi Currency Bonds]

Ecuador Beach Condo Views

There are three more Ecuador beach condo views that have caused me to promote this project…views beyond the views of the beach. View from the Ecuador beach condo club house dining room. The first view is that Ecuador has a perfect position in the new energy era ahead. The New York Times Magazine article by […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo Views]

Multi Currency Risk Premium

Getting a multi currency risk premium is important because the government bail outs that will be announced in the weeks ahead, whatever they will be, will accelerate inflation. Multi currency risk premiums will help beat the price increases which have already been bad enough. Emerging real estate and emerging bonds (seen below) are two ways […] [Read Multi Currency Risk Premium]

Multi Currency Survival Lessons

There are multi currency survival lessons in this last week’s news. Look at last week’s headlines from several leading financial publications. A New York Times September 17, 2008 article entitled: “Risk aversion sparks mass flight to bonds” by Rachel Morarjee: “Bonds are more popular with investors than at any time during the last decade amid […] [Read Multi Currency Survival Lessons]

Multi Currency Trust

Multi currency trust is really important now. A huge multi currency stock market and property correction could be just ahead. This correction can bring unprecedented value opportunity. But how do we know who to trust? If our multi currency investments are in what we know and with those we trust…our investing is always one step […] [Read Multi Currency Trust]

Multi Currency Correction

What an exciting time. A huge multi currency correction could be just ahead. An unprecedented value opportunity may be just ahead. Before we see why, let me please exclaim loudly…proceed with care. We may be seeing a systemic cleansing similar to the 20s. Even if we are not, this is a time when investors can […] [Read Multi Currency Correction]

Ecuador Beach Condo Savings

Ecuador beach condos in San Clemente offer special value now for seven reasons shown below. Bahia, is in my opinion, one of the nicest towns on Ecuador coast. Pacific Coastal condos in San Clemente, only thirty minutes, away offer some of the best value that Merri and I have found. These San Clemente coastal condos […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo Savings]

On the Way to Bahia Ecuador

On the way to Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador from Manta, there are two good beach areas to see first. Starting at the airport the first beach at Crucita is about thirty minutes away but the initial part of the trip is not good. Terrible might be a better word. There are smelly tuna factories and […] [Read On the Way to Bahia Ecuador]

Multi Currency Tax

Multi currency tax is the same as local. A reader asked about this when he sent this question: Hi Gary, With the depressing and seemingly endless deterioration of the U.S. financial condition, my interest in offshore investing is growing rapidly. Given your many positive references to Jyske Bank, I finally decided to contact Thomas Fischer […] [Read Multi Currency Tax]

Small Business Reality

A small business reality is that no small business is perfect. This is good. In these times of inflation and global economic instability many of us need extra income. Your own small business may be the best way to do this. No small business is perfect. This is why they remain small. Is this comment […] [Read Small Business Reality]