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Pet Projects

Our pet projects are our pets. Merri and I love animals. They have been part of our lives since we were kids. Merri never rode a bike growing up. She was on a horse every day instead. I had it even better as far as animals go. As a zoo keeper’s son, I enjoyed animals […] [Read Pet Projects]

Small Business Starts

Small business starts are important because your own small business is one of the best ways to fight inflation and hard economic times. Yet the most frequent question I hear about starting small business is “where and how should I start my small business. The answer to this begins with two questions: Small business starting […] [Read Small Business Starts]

Small Business Questions

Small business questions are important because your own small business is one of the best ways to fight inflation and hard economic times. Your own small business can offer variety in your work. Here I get to speak at a course with investment managers. A recent message answering small business questions looked at small business […] [Read Small Business Questions]

Small Business Couples

Small business couples can fight inflation, enhance their relationship and have fun. Couples can defy the laws of math because one plus one can equal more than two in a small business. Merri and I, and millions of other couples that have a small business they share, have proven this again and again. I believe […] [Read Small Business Couples]

Cotacachi Spanish Course

Cotacachi Ecuador Spanish is very good, quite high class and formal so Cotacachi is a good place to learn and practice Spanish. Our Cotacachi Spanish Course is taught at our hotel El meson de las Flores. We enjoy coffee breaks here in the court yard. Our Cotacachi Ecuador Super Thinking plus Super Spanish Course helps […] [Read Cotacachi Spanish Course]

Your Own Micro Internet Business

There are few ways to assure your financial future as good as your own micro internet business. An internet business offers so much freedom and so many options. Here I am working under a maple tree on the farm..only possible with a small business of my own! This is why we are sharing a FREE […] [Read Your Own Micro Internet Business]

Sweet & Sour Equity Review

This lesson examines the individual nature of selecting investments using my review of shares in PureCircle as a case study. The world is so full of opportunity that we each need to refine our search process so the investments we choose suit our individual wants, needs, desires, philosophies and beliefs.  This process makes investing more […] [Read Sweet & Sour Equity Review]

Small Business Survival

Small business survival requires the ability to last through the start period of the small business. Your own small business is one of the best ways to fight inflation and hard economic times but a small business is no business at all if it goes broke before the small business makes enough to survive financially. […] [Read Small Business Survival]

Calmly Adapt

Calmly adapt to change. This is the formula for success in this great age where change befalls us at an ever increasing pace. Change is here. It will not stop Here is a great philosopher complaining about paraphrased. Our life is broken into more and more petty pieces, with the puzzle always in change. The […] [Read Calmly Adapt]

Multi Currency Paths of Opportunity

Multi currency paths of opportunity come in totally unique ways. For example I have been looking for multi currency investments in Asian currencies. The path that has led me to a Malaysian share has included a combination of experience, alertness, intuition, our own specific knowledge and contacts and good luck. A circuitous multi currency route […] [Read Multi Currency Paths of Opportunity]