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Ecuador and Blackberries

Blackberry juice is a favorite drink in Ecuador. A great puzzle is why blackberry juice is not served regularly in the US. We have it all summer here at our farm. Last night after our daily cooling mountain thunder storm, we hiked out for our first picking of wild mountain blackberries.  Forest mists shrouded cool […] [Read Ecuador and Blackberries]

Surviving Big Economic Shifts

Economic shifts are part of evolution. For some, the change is good. Others see it as bad. The key to gaining from economic shifts is to BE PREPARED. Here are two big questions in today’s rapidly changing world that can help us prepare for the current economic shifts that are taking place. #1: How do […] [Read Surviving Big Economic Shifts]

Micro Thousands

Micro Thousands – How to Earn an Extra $19,690.05 a month. Micro thousands add up. Earning a thousand dollars isn’t a big thing these days…yet it’s certainly not bad either…especially when it is an extra thousand or two or an extra nineteen thousand, each and every month. Micro thousands are even much better when the […] [Read Micro Thousands]

Multi Currency Diversification with CurrencyShares

Multi Currency diversification grows in importance. The US government recently estimated next year’s deficit to be nearly $500 billion in 2009. The 2008 budget is headed towards $400 billion. The numbers do not mean a lot. What counts is the amount of debt and deficit in relationship to the economy of the currency’s country. One […] [Read Multi Currency Diversification with CurrencyShares]

Fishing in Ecuador

Fishing in Ecuador is excellent and varied. There is fishing in Ecuador’s Andes, Amazon and Pacific. Ecuador fishing in the sea can be simple, just for fun (and dinner) when one catches a day trip with a local fisherman. Boats like this one just outside the hotel are dotted along the coast. We watch them […] [Read Fishing in Ecuador]

Ecuador Oil Refinery

Ecuador is to have a new oil refinery at about 20 miles south of Manta. The new refinery will have a capacity to process 300,000 barrels of heavy crude daily. A new company was incorporated last week at a cost of $30 million. The overall project is likely to cost $6 billion with a rising […] [Read Ecuador Oil Refinery]

Multi Currency Pow Wow

Multi currency investing in POW makes sense. POW stands for Privacy, Oxygen and Water. Now let’s add multi currency investing in ER. ER is not the emergency room but Energy and Recreation. This turns POW into POWER. There is real power when we can look back to the future and find good multi currency investments […] [Read Multi Currency Pow Wow]

Multi Currency Business

Your own multi currency business, serving clients globally is a great way to protect against the falling US dollar, inflation and an economic downturn. The sun always shines somewhere. This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own internet business written by Michelle Toole. Here is lesson #25. Hear […] [Read Multi Currency Business]

Multi Currency Funds

Good multi currency shares can be found by reviewing the portfolios of successful multi currency mutual funds. Multi currency investors can study value oriented multi currency mutual funds to find goo value oriented shares. Our last multi currecny update reviewed Michael Keppler’s emerging market valuations. This update showed that Hungary, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, […] [Read Multi Currency Funds]

Multi Currency Mutual Funds

One great way to find good shares is to study the portfolios of successful multi currency mutual funds. Fund managers usually have some good reason why they are overloaded on a particular share so taking a look at the top ten investments held in a fund is a bit like looking into a fund managers’ […] [Read Multi Currency Mutual Funds]