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Fresh Ecuador Roses 50 FREE

Fresh Ecuador Roses. We are often told “take time to smell the roses”. Here are 50 fresh Ecuador roses recently delivered to my North Carolina home. But how much will fresh roses cost? How much does it cost for a dozen fresh roses to smell? Here are the best deals I found at three Google […] [Read Fresh Ecuador Roses 50 FREE]

Train Stocks

Train Stocks have been healthy due to the oil crunch. Readers from around the world have sent information that enhances ideas from our last message, Investing in Trains.  See if you missed this. Here is one fun idea about investing in railroads and trains. “Gary,  On the subject of trains, I thought I’d point […] [Read Train Stocks]

Ecuador – Gary Scott Course Schedule 2nd Half 2008

Gary Scott’s Course Schedule for the balance of 2008 in Ecuador and North Carolina is below. We hope to see you at our hotel in Cotacachi Ecuador. or here at our North Carolina farm or on this beach in San Clemente, Ecuador. Our next course will be held here at our North Carolina farm this […] [Read Ecuador – Gary Scott Course Schedule 2nd Half 2008]

Investing in Trains

Investing in trains takes an interesting twist because investing in change is like driving a car. The faster it goes, the less you want to be focusing on what’s behind. Yet the time space continuum is curved.  Sometimes looking far enough ahead, pictures what was behind…because the past becomes the future and this may be […] [Read Investing in Trains]

Multi Currency Water Trends

Multi Currency Water Trends I love investing in water.  This is one reason we bought our farm. We have dozens of springs.  One of them, called the Indian’s Trough, is even a historical site. Here it is: Multi currency water investments in shares also offers great opportunity. Recent messages at this site have looked at […] [Read Multi Currency Water Trends]

Multi Currency Water Trends

Multi currency water investments offer great opportunity. Recent messages at this site have looked at the profit potential of investing in agriculture and food. Multi currency investments in water may bring even greater returns. Water shortages and drought represent an even greater change to the global economy than soaring oil and food prices. The cost […] [Read Multi Currency Water Trends]

Multi Currency Investments in Water

Multi currency investments in water makes great business sense. The product is something everyone needs — in fact, after a few days you die if you don’t have it. Its uses are nearly unlimited: industrial, recreational, culinary, medicinal. There’s a limited supply, and an unceasing demand. This is why we have been looking at multi […] [Read Multi Currency Investments in Water]

Long Term Multi Currency Investing

A long term multi currency research project by asset allocation expert, Ibbotson Associates, looked at various returns over 95 years of differing assets classes under varied conditions. The asset classes we bonds, T-bills. Equities, Housing and Silver. Over the entire 95 years the return was: Equities: 11.9% per annum Housing: 6.7% per annum Bonds: 4.8% […] [Read Long Term Multi Currency Investing]

Multi Currency Pressures – In China

Multi currency pressures force investors to diversify into multi currency portfolios. Most of us are multi currency spenders. The dollar has been losing purchasing power versus other currencies for most of 40 years. This means we need to diversify our investments into the currencies that we spend. Holding savings or investing in just one currency […] [Read Multi Currency Pressures – In China]

Ecuador Property Lesson

Ecuador property offers special opportunity but like any property market has its unique  features that anyone interested in getting good property deals has to know. A reader attempting to buy some Ecuador property just sent this note: “Gary, FYI.  The people at the Hacienda San Francisco tell me the asking price is $650K, not the […] [Read Ecuador Property Lesson]