Ecuador Real Estate for Sale

Ecuador real estate offers many bargains but one must take care.

If you are looking to understand Ecuador real estate for sale, you should read the information below.

My wife, Merri, and I have been publishing information about global investing as we have lived, traveled, invested, worked and purchased real estate around the world for 40 years this May.

I made my first real estate purchase at age 20 and we have made many millions in real estate since.

More importantly we have helped thousands of delegates see absolute bargains on real estate tours of Ecuador real estate for sale as well and in many other parts of the world.

We began conducting real estate for sale tours in the 1970s as we spotted distorted markets in numerous real estate markets such as Switzerland, London, Isle of Man and the Dominican Republic.

See a 2001 article about this.

13 years ago we settled on Ecuador as our home in the never ending sun and have been conducting Ecuador real estate tours since. Delegates have purchased millions of dollars of Ecuador property with our guidance.

In this decade we have run an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos and houses in the Andes, a hotel (which we still own and operate) and condos and apartments on the we know what it takes to find…buy and take care of Ecuador real estate.

To assist those interested in Ecuador real estate, I have established a full time full support team so we, as publishers, can help in almost any way required.

Please note, we are publishers not real estate brokers. Our loyalty is to our readers and delegates not the sellers of property.

We provide information and contacts to help our readers learn about Ecuador real estate. We do not sell real estate and our staff is forbidden from taking commissions from real estate sellers. They are looking after you…not the seller.

We can help in numerous ways…information via our subscriptions…rental and management services and through our real estate tours.

We conduct three real estate tours:

#1: Ecuador coastal real estate tours starting from Manta.

#2: A northern Andean highlands real estate tours starting from our Cotacachi hotel,El Meson de las Flores.

#3: Quito real estate tours.

Our real estate tours are not designed to sell Ecuador real estate. They are simply the most efficient way to get an overview of all types of property currently for sale.

Many delegates do buy Ecuador real estate during the tours but this is not our goal and we ave no incentive for delegates to do so.

We always try to show a Ecuador houses for sale, farms and a hacienda or something large as well as low end property.

We have looked at Ecuador golf course property.

We have viewed Ecuador homes with incredible views.

On one tour, delegates saw a small Ecuador farm with a stunning house and acres of peach groves.

We have also looked at lake properties like these lots:

Ecuador real estate for sale

These Ecuador lots for sale on a crater lake. Here I am with Merri and our hound dog, Mahananda, who travels the word with us, at this lake.

Ecuador real estate for sale

We see houses for sale on Lake San Pablo.

Ecuador real estate for sale

We provide a total, honest view of the market and show all we can to give our delegates good insights and an understanding of the market.

For example, in our last Andean tour we viewed a 40 acre, very old hacienda with 50 Jersey cows and a Swiss cheese factory.

We visited this (though the sellers were asking too much, $1.4 million) plus a 14 room inn on the crater lake you saw above. We have been showing that inn for 4 years. The seller was asking way too much. We help delegates understand why there are many unrealistic sellers and how to avoid paying too much (as in the Swiss cheese factory).

Yet we also know a good property when we see one. We keep going back until, as with the lake hotel, the price comes down. It has dropped from a million to $450,000…almost a realistic price for the right buyer.

Our goal is to show the whole of the market and explain what and why we feel a property may be priced too high or too low.

Here is the Ecuador Swiss cheese factory.
Ecuador real estate for sale

The cows.

Ecuador real estate for sale

The cheese making equipment from Switzerland.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Here I am in the cheese cave inspecting the cheese.

Ecuador real estate for sale

We had a cheese and wine tasting after (the owner also has an organic vineyard).

We tasted many Ecuador made Swiss cheeses.
Ecuador real estate for sale

Who says the work of finding good property can’t also be fun?

We look at low cost properties on the Cotacachi real estate tour as well. Here are some Cotacachi condos we helped delegates with. The studios here went quickly at $39,000.

Ecuador real estate for sale

We show large haciendas as well. See one of our Ecuador real estate groups at the Hacienda San Francisco which is an Ecuador hacienda for sale.

We look at luxury. Here for example is a magnificent 5,000 square foot house we saw on our last tour that is for sale in the Andes now. This is a premier Cotacachi property for sale.

Ecuador real estate for sale

With this back yard view.
Ecuador real estate for sale


Ecuador real estate for sale

Ecuador real estate for sale

We also conduct Ecuador coastal real estate tours.

We look at the high and low end on the coast as well. Here are houses on Ecuador’s beach currently for sale for $18,000.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Just a few steps from this Ecuador beach.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Here I am with delegates inspecting more of these low cost Ecuador beach houses outside…
Ecuador real estate for sale

and inside as well.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Yet on the same tour here are delegates viewing this Ecuador Manor House for sale at at $575,000.
Ecuador real estate for sale

With nearly 30 acres on the beach and over 600 palms in this back yard this is an Ecuador real estate bargain!

Ecuador real estate for sale

Merri and I have been buying real estate globally for decades. We love to share what we know. Here is Merri speaking to a Cotacachi real estate group in the open air court yard at our hotel El Meson de las Flores that we use as our Andean Cotacachi base.

Ecuador real estate for sale

On our Ecuador real estate tours we share the experiences we have gained living, traveling and working globally for 40 years and in Ecuador for 13 years.

Here is our apartment on top of the Palmazul Resort spa and hotel that we use as a base for our Ecuador coastal real estate tours.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Here is the view from the hotel and some delegates on our last Ecuador coastal property tour…ugh…working hard?

Ecuador real estate for sale

Here we are on the Ecuador beach.

Ecuador real estate for sale

Here is a better view of this magnificent, empty, Pacific beach in Ecuador.
Ecuador real estate for sale

There are two bedrooms, 1.5 bath, 1,200 square foot condos (at $79,000 to $129,000) being built on this hill behind the hotel on this beach.
Ecuador real estate for sale

These Ecuador beach condos are just a minutes walk to the water and with these views for the $79,000 units.
Ecuador real estate for sale

These are the views from the $129,0000 units.
Ecuador real estate for sale

You can read numerous articles about Ecuador real Estate for sale and other opportunities in Ecuador at www.Ecuador

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You can see the schedule for our Imbabura Real Estate tours here.

Our Coastal Real Estate tour schedule is here.

Most delegates come for two or three courses combined as there is a sizable savings. See the savings here.

Come join us as we work hard finding good real estate values in Ecuador but also have fun!

Join me here on the beach…in the surf!

Ecuador real estate for sale

Or come walk with me in the Andes above our village of Cotacachi.

Ecuador real estate for sale


See a warning about Cotacachi property for sale.

Our next coastal tours are

June 6-8, 2008, September 19-21 and November 12-14, 2008

Our Imbabura tours are June 16-17, 2008 – September 28-29, 2008 and November 10-11, 2008.

You can get more information on our Imbabura Real Estate tours here.

Coastal Real Estate Tours here.

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