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Ecuador News Again

Ecuador is continually in the news. See Cotacachi news in the Washington Post. Yesterday a reader pointed out that Ecuador was also in the news in this weekend’s New York Times. This reader shared this thought. “1) In case you didn’t see yesterday’s (4/27/08) NY Times, check page 2 of the Travel Section. There is […] [Read Ecuador News Again]

Multi Currency Portfolios Up

Multi currency portfolios are up. Our latest multi currency update which comes out this afternoon focuses on two of the six multi currency portfolios we track, the US Dollar Short Non Leveraged multi currency portfolio and the green multi currency portfolio.  All six of the multi currency portfolios are rising since last update.  These two […] [Read Multi Currency Portfolios Up]

Multi Currency Stock Selection Process

Multi currency stocks may be of growing value now…especially major multi currency stocks. Multi currency investing is important because inflation is rising and any currencies will lose purchasing power. There are only three ways to combat this problem. #1: Invest in real estate. On the subject of real estate, Merri and I buy as much […] [Read Multi Currency Stock Selection Process]

Cotacachi News

Cotacachi is in the news again this time in an article entitled “Living the high life in Ecuador Sierra region’s charms include vibrant Quito and a volcanic lake” by K.C. Summers. This appeared in the Washington and Denver post…maybe more. Writers are always so astounded by Cotacachi. This of course is not news to me […] [Read Cotacachi News]

Millions in Economic Cycles

Millions can be earned by understanding and watching economic cycles. There are a batch of pictures here. please bear with me…they do contain an economic message about cycles and millions. Merri and I are just back at our Blue Ridge farm…252 acres…altitude 3,000 to 4,000 feet.   Spring comes late in the seasonal cycle up here…but […] [Read Millions in Economic Cycles]

Multi Currency Stock Cycle

The economic cycle is one reason why major stock markets may be offering good value multi currency share values now. The best time to buy stocks is the worst time in the economy.  Clues that suggest that a bear market is creating  good multi currency stock values include: #1: An inverted yield curve. #2: Rush […] [Read Multi Currency Stock Cycle]

Multi Currency Investing in Solar ETFs

Multi currency investing is vital to everyone these days because holding numerous currencies helps preserve purchasing power. See in this message why on our Blue Ridge farm this… and this are not only beautiful but have such multi currency value. The falling US dollar creates inflation and inflation is hurting most people…one way or another.  […] [Read Multi Currency Investing in Solar ETFs]

Multi Currency Portfolio Risk

Does multi currency investing entail risk? The world currently faces a currency crisis as US dollars and British pounds, two of the largest currency ships in the world, sink. The last thing to do when the ship is sinking is to stay totally on that ship, without a life raft. Yesterday’s message suggested diversifying a […] [Read Multi Currency Portfolio Risk]

Multi Currency Investments Explained

Why be a multi currency investor? The answer to this question creates fortunes. Yet this same answer also ruins the purchasing power of millions of investors as well. For example see below how to earn 17.15% per annum on General Electric bonds. Multi currency investing is vital because the current sub prime loan mess creates […] [Read Multi Currency Investments Explained]

Multi Currency Banking Concerns II

Thank all of you who provided so much input on a growing global banking problem we reviewed in yesterday’s message. Those who missed yesterday’s message can read it at One reader felt this was an Ecuador problem and wrote: “Hi Gary,  I’m a US Citizen living permanently in Quito and just last week I […] [Read Multi Currency Banking Concerns II]