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Green Investing Ideals

Green investing ideals make sense for investors. See what this buffoon’s army with papier mache machine guns has to do with green investing ideals. Our son, Jake, has worked his entire life in the field of environmental sustainability and has helped me form my ideals on green investing. His green ideals began as a university […] [Read Green Investing Ideals]

Cotacachi Residency

Cotacachi residency is great because Cotacachi residents are wonderful. One of the most important reasons Merri and I love residing in Cotacachi is the people…their sweetness and the wonderful Cotacachi way of life. Our Ecuador Living service offers a complete report on how to become a resident in Cotacachi or anywhere in Ecuador. More on […] [Read Cotacachi Residency]

Cotacachi Information

Cotacachi information is continually being requested. After traveling for through every part of Ecuador for years we chose Cotacachi as our second home.  We love it here in Cotacachi so we share some answers here to the frequently asked questions we so often hear. Cotacachi FAQ Q: Where is Cotacachi? Coatcahci is located just west […] [Read Cotacachi Information]

Ecuador Beach Trip

Ecuador beach trips are great, but some days it feels like Ecuador may be the most misunderstood country in the world, and the Ecuador beach especially misconstrued. See some great Ecuador beach trip pictures like this below. For example, this morning a reader sent me this note about the Ecuador beach: “Thanks Gary, I think […] [Read Ecuador Beach Trip]

Ecuador Bonds

Ecuador bonds are surprising. Ecuador bonds are perceived as having great risk. See pictures below that show why Ecuador houses on lakes like this are good investments as are Ecuador bonds. Ecuador bonds had investors so jumpy that last January 2007, they yielded as much as 10.48 percentage points more than US Treasury bonds. Ecuador […] [Read Ecuador Bonds]

Manta Real Estate in Ecuador

Manta Real Estate in Ecuador See eleven Manta real estate pictures below that are of great economic importance. Manta real estate in Ecuador has a cheerleading team with an investing chant that goes like this: Give me an A. Now give me and I Give me an R! Give me a big P Give me […] [Read Manta Real Estate in Ecuador]

Natural Awakenings Yoga

Natural Awakenings yoga comes in many forms…enhanced by seasonal natural awakenings.  Spring is a natural awakening. We especially see this at our Blue Ridge farm where spring erupts in a glory of richness and multi hued shades of green. Here is our front yard! Do not miss the many photos below. Also there are natural […] [Read Natural Awakenings Yoga]

Multi Currency Update #12

Multi Currency Portfolio Update #12 Here is the updated performance of the six global investment portfolios that Jyske Bank created with our direction. We have been tracking them for educational purposes beginning November 1, 2007. These portfolios are all still down. 2008 Dec 14 Jan 21 Feb 19 Mar 20 Infrastructure -20.97% -68.47% -69.39% -79.79% […] [Read Multi Currency Update #12]

Ecuador Famlies

Ecuador  families and Ecuador family traditions and Ecuador family values are really excellent. Ecuador families are tight knit and the family tradition strong . This is wonderful for us gringos to see as our families up north tend to scatter these days. Merri’s and my family treat in Ecuador this year was to finally have […] [Read Ecuador Famlies]

Ecuador Easter

Ecuador’s Easter weekends are special..a family time of deep reverence and remembrance. No Easter bunnies, eggs or chocolate here! This is also a wonderful family time when everyone gathers to eat Fanesca, an Ecuador Easter tradition. This is a very rich soup, made from squash and twelve different grains, (representing the disciples of Jesus) and […] [Read Ecuador Easter]