Ecuador Beaches Update

During these winter months Merri and I often have to work at the beach.Here is the proof.DSC02266After all, someone has to do it.Really I can and do get to work on the beach…thanks to the miracle of broadband.Here I am really…in the clubhouse (which is also a luxury spa & hotel) for the condos we are buying at San Clemente.IMG_0149Here at San Clemente,¬† we enjoy the small village life…Some days we take a 30 minute ride along the coast to Bahia and enjoy the city. Here is Bahia…the first eco city in Ecuador. It’s really clean.DSC02225And Bahia’s beach.DSC02228Bahia Yacht Club.DSC02205And yachts.DSC02207Plus Bahia’s resort Hotel La Piedre.DSC02248Here we are working again in the hotel’s outdoor cafe.IMG_0150Honest…we were talking business.Yet our days there are not all work.Each day we make sure we walk this empty beach which is less than 100 yards for our front door.DSC02109And play in the surf which is quite gentle and remarkably warm.DSC02269That’s me out there.Finally to end the day we might go out and visit these fishermen to check out their catch.san clemente 2 de octubre 2007 268¬†This day the fish is Dorado…right off the boat. We took one filet…six pounds for $9.DSC02022We had a great dinner as we enjoyed this sunset. Then off for one last walk on the beach and a good night’s sleep in the ocean breeze.san clemente navidad 2007 082I am pleased today that I you too can enjoy such a lifestyle. We have negotiated with our friend, Kjetil Haugan, for our Ecuador Living subscribers to have the first opportunity to buy condos in Vistazul…next to ours at $79,000.Financing is available.Kjetil has a contract ready. Deposits can be placed in escrow with a US title insurance company and the $5,000 club membership is totally waived on these first 15 condos. You can get details from Kjetil at kjetil@haugancruises.comUntil next message, may your lifestyle be good!GaryWe will look at these condos and condos and homes for sale in more during our upcoming coastal real estate tour.Do not miss tomorrow’s message more on these condos including floor plans.