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Ecuador Beach Condo Raves

Ecuador beach condo raves are great to read even when a reader does not follow my advice. Two of our recent messages looked at the Ecuador beach condo development where Merri and I (and our daughter) are buying. If you missed these messages see This morning a reader who has visited Ecuador several […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo Raves]

Ecuador Beach Condos Introduction

Yesterday’s message reviewed how hard it is to work at the beach. If you missed that review, be sure to click on Now let’s look at the benefits of that work and how my work can at times (like this)  provide you with an opportunity to have a special real estate value….like your own […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condos Introduction]

Ecuador Beaches Update

During these winter months Merri and I often have to work at the beach.Here is the proof.After all, someone has to do it.Really I can and do get to work on the beach…thanks to the miracle of broadband.Here I am really…in the clubhouse (which is also a luxury spa & hotel) for the condos we […] [Read Ecuador Beaches Update]

Essential Oil Solution

Essential oil solutions can help overcome the misery of winter and more. Essential oils can be essential to good health. I use them every day giving my feet an essential oil massage before putting on my socks. Our skin is a vital nutrient absorbing organ. When we put on essential oils, the positive aspects each […] [Read Essential Oil Solution]

Ecuador Property Tax Even Lower

Ecuador property taxes are lower than most of us can imagine. Recently two messages shared how a number of our readers purchased condos in Cotacachi Ecuador and discovered that their Ecuador property tax was a mere $36 a year. If you missed that message about Ecuador property tax see Property tax can’t get much […] [Read Ecuador Property Tax Even Lower]

International Investing Inspires

International Investing Inspires I wonder how many readers at our website want to learn how to keep pace, get ahead, enjoy our modern society, but stop the world from moving too fast. One question my thousands of readers ask is, “how can we keep up, without having such a fast paced life that we turn […] [Read International Investing Inspires]

Global Investing Errors

Global investing errors are often made because most educational systems are closed and create prejudices in our frameworks of thought. These prejudices taint our view. Rose colored glasses in reverse. Take for example an article you might read about Ecuador’s government. The government intensified its populist appeals on Monday, responding to widespread economic anxiety and […] [Read Global Investing Errors]

Global Investing Fundamentals

Global investing fundamentals can really help us get ahead especially during the wonderful investing times we are seeing now. Most of the press are writing about the world sliding into recession. Good. There doom and gloom creates positive global investing fundamentals for those of us who can see through the illusion. Let the press frighten […] [Read Global Investing Fundamentals]

Investment Forces

Investment forces can make us rich…or rob us if we ignore them. On a perfect day I remind myself of the underlying investment forces by rising at 4:30 a.m., doing a mediation and yoga…then at dawn being out with Merri and Mahananda for a walk. I like to be a part of the sunrise each […] [Read Investment Forces]

Low Stress Life

Low stress lifestyles are in growing demand. We can all profit, from knowing this….and perhaps enjoy a low stress life as well. I see the low stress lifestyle trend growing almost daily. We just started our Import Export course here in Cotacachi and have the largest group yet. Most delegates have come in part to […] [Read Low Stress Life]