Merry Christmas

What a special day! How magnificent that we celebrate this great power of light and positive energy so near the darkest, shortest day of the year.

This is one of our views from our suite at El Meson de las Flores .


During the day.

And at night.

This the day of birth…of dawn and all things positive…peace…inner silence…calm…positive hopes of goodness for all…and the knowledge that no time is ever too late….because the darkest hour and deepest silence are the seeds for the greatest music and brightest light.

Here is our Christmas gift to you, a quote from The Winter Solstice, the Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Mathews.

“There is a moment of silence that occurs every year, somewhere between the dawn of Christmas and the setting sun on Christmas day itself. – a moment we have all experienced once in our lives, maybe more than once. It can silence a great city, London or New York , and it can bring stillness to our hearts, whoever and wherever we may be. It offers the promise of new beginnings, of the clean slate of a new year, and it incorporates the breathless expectancy of Christmas night itself, when a familiar figure enters our lives and changes them briefly. It is such a moment that lies at the heart of the mid winter solstice and it is the celebration of this that this book is written.”

Merri and I send our best wishes that each of you, our friends, are filled with inner joy and peace on this special time of celebration and every day.

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