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The Secret of Freedom and Wealth

The secret of freedom and wealth can come from self publishing. 35 years ago, I was broke and in debt. In a state of total desperation I began searching for a way out of the rat race… looking for financial independence, fulfillment and fun.I feared deep down that what I wanted was impossible. Nevertheless, I […] [Read The Secret of Freedom and Wealth]

Ecuador Seen in Panama

I wrote recently about a Barron’s article written by Bob Adams of Global Initiatives entitled a “New Life in Panama”. The article focuses on Panama but has profound implications on Ecuador. This is such an important article I want to share all of it. Then we’ll look at the implications. “IT WAS JANUARY OF 2006 […] [Read Ecuador Seen in Panama]

Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Now – Three Lifts in Ecuador

Ecuador Real estate benefits keep piling up. Three lifts have come to Ecuador that add extra investment potential now. First our Ecuador Living service recently informed its subscribers about the benefits of 555. One of the EL updates said: “The 555 Plan is an idea to stimulate small business activity. Small business people can go […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Now – Three Lifts in Ecuador]

Multi Currency Investments as the Dollar Falls More

Multi currency investments really make sense as the US dollar falls but I wonder about an October 24, 2008 Bloomberg article. This article about investing in multi currencies by Marcel van de Hoef and Danielle Rossingh entitled “Jim Rogers Shifts Assets Out of Dollar to Buy Yuan”says: “Jim Rogers, chairman of Beeland Interests Inc., said […] [Read Multi Currency Investments as the Dollar Falls More]

Water & Light Investments

Water and light investments offer great potential. This does not negate the need to suit such investments to your needs. Three messages, one about investing in water and light investments, reached me yesterday that together help share a vital point about good investing. The first came from Canada and the reader wrote: “Hi Gary . […] [Read Water & Light Investments]

Leveraged Investments Gone

Leveraged investments rise and fall faster than investments without leverage. Many readers write and ask me the same three questions. Which of the five portfolios that we track with Jyske bank do I personally hold?  How much leverage should they use in their investments? Which portfolios should they invest in? Let’s start from back to […] [Read Leveraged Investments Gone]

Investments in Water

Investments in water are proving themselves as we near the end of 2007 and the performance of the five portfolios we created for 2007 has been quite good. The Green Portfolio has performed especially well because half the portfolio invests in shares that offer good value and invest in water purification. ********************Advertisement****************** You can learn […] [Read Investments in Water]

Water Investing Wars

Water Investing makes even more sense now. These messages have recommended investing in water for many years. This is a can’t go down investing trend…in water Our last two messages have looked at wars (WW IV and COLA) that will change economics forever. So too will the water war which is growing terribly worse faster […] [Read Water Investing Wars]

Inflation Worries

Inflation worries can grow from yesterday’s message that looked at the risks of WW IV. There are two other wars brewing as well. One is about water…the third war will be over COLA, but not the type you drink. The COLA war has begun…Its about inflation and the first shots fired and I suspect it […] [Read Inflation Worries]


I knew it!  History is so great and I love its study because patterns emerge.  Patterns reveal trends.  So I have been waiting for World War IV. Here is why. Long term World Report readers know how much I believe in 30 year market cycles and that we are currently in a 15 year downward […] [Read WW IV]