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Ecuador Real Estate and Values of Space in Ecuador

Ecuador real estate gains added value because technology changes utility in many ways beyond green. This is why Ecuador real estate offers such opportunity for wealth and beauty now. Yesterday’s message looked at Ecuador real estate and the kitchen of one Barro Viejo property our last Ecuador real estate tour viewed. Low cost air fares, […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate and Values of Space in Ecuador]

International Investments in Green Values of Space

International investments in green make sense. This week’s messages have looked at the opportunity of international investments in green. There is a dramatic need to alter the way humanity lives. This need generates enormous international investment potential. It creates international investment opportunity because green shifts the values of space. Take farming as an example. In […] [Read International Investments in Green Values of Space]

Ecuador Lakes Opportunity and Balance

Ecuador lakes offer real estate of extreme beauty. Yesterday’s message about Ecuador lakes reviewed our Ecuador shamanic ceremony at Ecuador’s Quicocha Lake and viewed a house under construction that we passed that sits on the rim of this lake. Here it is. You can see its view in a note with some photos sent to […] [Read Ecuador Lakes Opportunity and Balance]

Ecuador Real Estate and Beauty

Ecuador real estate offers value and beauty. We have been recommending investments Ecuador real estate and in water for nearly a decade now. This is one reason we looked at Ecuador real estate and a Barro Viejo designed house on this lake in yesterday’s message. The other reason we featured this house is to show […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate and Beauty]

International Investments in Green Water

International investments in, on or near water make sense. Now it is becoming easier to have international investments in water due to a large Swiss bank. A Globe & Mail article entitled “Pouring money into water” by Tavia Grant said that March 22, 2007 was World Water Day and that this year’s theme was scarcity. […] [Read International Investments in Green Water]

International Investments Green House Hot

International investments in the environment are hot. Yesterday’s message looked at the five multi-currency portfolios we are tracking with the help of Jyske Bank and showed that green international investing is hot. Just after sending that note, I received our regular international investments update from Jyske and as you can see below the green international; […] [Read International Investments Green House Hot]

Ecuador Shamans Tale

Ecuador shamans perform many ceremonies. Our most recent Ecuadorian Shamanic Mingo Tour was just complete and ended with a “Ceremony of Thanks” for the Equinox. This was conducted in a remote part of Quicocha Crater Lake, accessible only by water. Here we are waiting to board our launch. We rode across the lake. And arrived […] [Read Ecuador Shamans Tale]

International Investments Green Envy

International investments can make many investment managers green with envy. With the help of Jyske Bank we track five multi currency portfolios each year. Currently, especially as equity markets have collapsed around the world, our green international investment portfolio is doing extremely well. Here is the growth each month since last November Portfolio 2007 Dec […] [Read International Investments Green Envy]

International Investments are Safe – If You Stay on Top of Your Portfolio

International investments require continual attention. Many readers write to me and ask if they can use stops losses on their international investments and multi – currency portfolios. Every bank or broker that offers international investments will have his own rules but here is how Jyske Bank (where I have my multi-currency portfolio) works. If I […] [Read International Investments are Safe – If You Stay on Top of Your Portfolio]

Ecuador Import-Export Potential – A Trend in Information

Ecuador Import-Export Potential is pleasurable to enjoy! This morning Merri and I sat in the court yard in the cool air, under a cloudless sky, dining breakfast Al Fresco. This is the perfect weather dropping to the low 50s at night, crisp mornings warmed by the equatorial sun until in the 70s, the day wanes […] [Read Ecuador Import-Export Potential – A Trend in Information]