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International Investments -July 2006 Major Market Update

* International Investments – July 2006 Major Market Value Analysis * Natural Health Tip – Buggin Hot Aint’ Cool * International Investments – Ecuador and Latin America Our friend, statistical expert, Michael Keppler, continually researches all major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to […] [Read International Investments -July 2006 Major Market Update]

International Investments – Really Cool Overseas Investment

* International Investments – Icelandic Krona is Really Cool * Natural Health Tip – Cool Way to Beat Heath Care Inflation * Ecuador Real Estate – Multilingual is Cool The Icelandic kroner is more than cool. It is freezing and has fallen dramatically versus the dollar. Yet the krona could fall more. This series started […] [Read International Investments – Really Cool Overseas Investment]

International Investments – Warming Isn’t Cool

* International Investments – Warming Isn’t Cool * Natural Health Tip – Cool Travel Health Tip * Ecuador Real Estate – Cool Shifts Inflation is real and can affect us in many ways. Inflation is often hidden in reality and escapes economic numbers as well. For example if in the 90s if one looked at […] [Read International Investments – Warming Isn’t Cool]

International Investments – Walk In Water

* International Investments – In Water * Natural Health Tip – Walk the Walk * Ecuador Real Estate – Real Business Thank you for your thanks! Here are what some of our readers are thankful for. Thank you for each thanks! “Dear Gary, I am thankful for your e-mails every day! I am a novice […] [Read International Investments – Walk In Water]

Multi Currency Portfolio Drop

Multi currency drops have highlighted the last quarter that has been filled with turmoil. I have been writing about the concept of Borrow Low for at least 20 years. In the past five years or so high liquidity in the US and Japan created low interest rates for the dollar and yen. This led a […] [Read Multi Currency Portfolio Drop]

Everlasting Wealth, Lesson 2

Palm trees and oak-shrouded pools hide crocodiles and moss. Palmetto hammocks surround murky Everglade pools of fetid air and swamp. Black thunderheads build. Lightening splashes brilliant exposure across a flat, gray sky. The tropical storm begins. Highway 41, the Tamiami Trail, a thin ribbon of black that cuts a straight swath through south Florida's green. […] [Read Everlasting Wealth, Lesson 2]

MultiCurrency Portfolio Slump

Multi currency slumps occurred but as you can see Asia is recovering and the Emerging Market Portfolio which temporarily slumped into a loss is moving back into profit. However the dollar portfolios are still suffering due to the weak emerging market currencies.   The Asian portfolio is up from 30.28% in our last update to […] [Read MultiCurrency Portfolio Slump]