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International Investments – Import Mergers

* International Investments – Important Mergers * Natural Health Tip – Do Not Donut * Ecuador Real Estate – Thanks for the Library Merging is a universal fundamental law. This aspect of reality affects populations, relationships, economies, nutrition…really everything. We can look at most of life in terms of how they merge. Food merges with […] [Read International Investments – Import Mergers]

International Investments – Seven Year Itch Portfolio

* International Investments – Seven Year Portfolio Shift * Natural Health Tip – Beware of the Seven Year Itch * Ecuador Real Estate – Seven Properties for Sale International investments take many forms. To help everyone see what can be done we periodically look at Merri’s and my investment portfolio. We do not suggest that […] [Read International Investments – Seven Year Itch Portfolio]

International Investments – Quality Control and Silliness

* International Investments – Quality Control * Natural Health Tip – Quality Backs Equal Quality Thoughts * Ecuador Real Estate – Quality of Passion Inflation is here and this brings even more silliness. Inflation could ruin those on fixed incomes, cheat salaried workers and make the rich richer while most people become poor. I do […] [Read International Investments – Quality Control and Silliness]

International Investments – Silly Things

* International Investments – In Silly Things * Natural Health Tip – Silly Diets * Ecuador Real Estate – Silly Bull Jets. Yuck! “What I hate second most is doing silly things. But being human, I do.” These were the thoughts as we bounced from one harried traveler to the next while scurrying through Atlanta’s […] [Read International Investments – Silly Things]

International Investments – Minute By Minute

* International Investments – Changing Markets by the Minute * Natural Health Tip – Pursuing Passion Pursues Good Health * Ecuador – A Place For Change It’s already over. The longest day of the year. Look at it another way. Summer just began. Yet each day, in the full glory of summer’s heat, minute by […] [Read International Investments – Minute By Minute]

International Investments – Des Vestments

* International Investments – Des Vestments * Natural Health Tip – Never Retire * Ecuador – Live There for Beauty International investments can stabilize our wealth, especially when the US dollar falls. The nature of our universe is expansion through blending. This expansion in economics is expressed by the growth of the global community. This […] [Read International Investments – Des Vestments]

International Investments – Summer is Here

* Ecuador Real Estate – Summer’s Way to Fight Inflation * Natural Health Tip – Get it Off! * International Investments – Invest in Simplicty Welcome to summer! As the heat rises, so do prices. Inflation is here and the trend of rising prices may not change as fast as the seasons. We saw in […] [Read International Investments – Summer is Here]

International Investments – May Major Market Update

* International Investments – May 2006 Major Value Analysis * Natural Health Tip – Sweet Health * Ecuador – Be Thankful for Good Food Too Our friend, statistical expert, Michael Keppler, continually researches all major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average […] [Read International Investments – May Major Market Update]

Inflation Fighters Emerge

* International Investments – Inflation Fighters Emerge * Natural Health Tip – Inflation is Wild * Ecuador – Quinoa Fights Inflation We saw in last Thursday’s message that May 2006 was the second worst month for emerging markets this decade. Markets fell overall 10.5%. You also saw that Keppler’s Top Value Emerging Markets did not […] [Read Inflation Fighters Emerge]

Three Inflation Fighters

* International Investments – Inflation Fighters * Ecuador Real Estate – Double Inflation Fighters * Natural Health Tip – Saucy Inflation Fighters If you read the front page of any newspaper yesterday you know that inflation in the US is rising….that is if you have not been reading our messages. If you have, then you […] [Read Three Inflation Fighters]