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International Investments – Global Economic Connections

* International Investments – Emerging Markets Affected by Events at Home Bonds * Natural Health Tip – Veggie Protein Recipe * Ecuador Real Estate – Close Yet so Far International investments in our global economy connects everything. Yesterday’s message saw how a series of unfortunate events led to the point where a downturn in tiny […] [Read International Investments – Global Economic Connections]

International Investments – Don’t Cry for Me

* International Investments: Don’t Cry for Argentina – but be Careful of Argentina Bonds * Natural Health Tip: Don’t Cry for Onions – Avoid Them Now * Ecuador Real Estate: Now You Can Cry The global currency structure is changing. Emerging currencies are in turmoil. This may be exactly the opposite of what should happen. […] [Read International Investments – Don’t Cry for Me]

International Investments – Three Big Birds

* International Investments: History Now Warns Us * Natural Health Tip: Don’t Worry With Fennel Soup * Ecuador Real Estate: Ecuador Real Estate and the US Dollar A recent message quoted Bob Marley’s song “Three Little Birds” singing “No Need to Worry”:. However, the US equity market is flipping us three big birds that say […] [Read International Investments – Three Big Birds]

International Investments – Turkey and More

* International Investments: Turkish Bath or Profit? * Natural Health Tip: Steam and Mud * Ecuador Real Estate: Mineral Springs for Sale Yesterday’s message created a short list of emerging currencies that currently offer high interest rates (near or over 10%). The list includes Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela. I also mentioned […] [Read International Investments – Turkey and More]

International Investments – Turkey and A-Maized More

* International Investments Question: Is Turkey a good bet or a Turkey * Natural Health Tip: More A-Maized * Ecuador Real Estate: Brings Health as Well Yesterday’s message asked if emerging market currencies are good to hold and if so which currencies? My belief that yes emerging market currencies are good to blend in one […] [Read International Investments – Turkey and A-Maized More]

International Investments in A-Maized Opportunities Emerge

* International Investments: Emerging Currency Opportunity * Natural Health Tip: Be A-maized? * Ecuador Real Estate: A Unique Comparison Recent messages have looked at how currency turmoil can enhance your wealth. We saw that the Canadian dollar, Danish and Swedish kroner may be good major currencies to hold at this time. How about emerging currencies? […] [Read International Investments in A-Maized Opportunities Emerge]

International Investments – Bones – Investments & Turmoil Again

* Today’s Health Tip: Save Your Bones Chinese Style * International Investments that Emerge in Currency Turmoil * Expand Your Horizons in Ecuador: See this House One of the great pleasures of traveling, earning and living globally is that we can learn from the best parts of all cultures. * Save Your Bones, Eat Stir-Fry […] [Read International Investments – Bones – Investments & Turmoil Again]

Multi Currency Turmoil

Multi currency turmoil in currency markets has reduced slightly since our last update and we can clearly see a downwards shift in the strength of the US dollar. May 1, 2006 Plus we can see that emerging equities remain strong. The Asian MultiCurrency Portfolio has continued to rise from the +90.10% up to 93.81% since […] [Read Multi Currency Turmoil]