Archive | March, 2006

Multi Currency Flash

Multi currency flashes were sent this morning that shared a warning of Jyske Bank’s concern that the US dollar may come under pressure. There are two fronts that are struggling for the upper hand of the EUR/USD rate. One will hold that nothing has changed, so long as 123 stands firm. Others maintain that focus […] [Read Multi Currency Flash]

Multi Currency Markets Red Hot

Multi Currency Markets are currently red hot! There are numerous stories circulating in the press about the collapse of emerging currencies and four of the five portfolios we track show the effects of this volatility. The turmoil began when the Icelandic kroner came under pressure due to its high government debt. Concern over other currencies […] [Read Multi Currency Markets Red Hot]

MultiCurrency Portfolio Valuations

Multi currency valuations show that each portfolio has increased in value since the last update. The portfolios have increased in the 20 weeks since October 21, 2005: Asian Portfolio +75.19% or at an annual rate of 195.49% Emerging Markets Portfolio +61.03 or annual rate of 158.67% Dollar Long Portfolio + 11.60 or annual rate of […] [Read MultiCurrency Portfolio Valuations]