Archive | November, 2005

Multi Currency Sandwich Tracking

Multi currency portfolios we are tracking are all developing according to plan. The hedged portfolio is not showing any major movement at the moment which is what a hedge is about. The goal in this portfolio is to earn 14-15% p.a. return though positive carry. See the attached file. The US Dollar long portfolio shows […] [Read Multi Currency Sandwich Tracking]

Multi Currency Portfolio Up Again

Multi currency investing can be profitable. Attached is the MultiCurrency portfolio review for our 3rd week of the 2006 multi currency portfolio review. See the attached file. The biggest movement this week again took place in the Asian portfolio which has now returned US$11,000 or a 11% return on the original investment in just three […] [Read Multi Currency Portfolio Up Again]

Multi Currency Review #2

Multi currency review #2 is here and shows the updated multi currency sandwiches as of November 4, 2005. All the portfolios, plus the currency and fund values are at the bottom of the excel file. You can see that the Asian portfolio is really performing well, up $9,000 after only 2 weeks. This is a […] [Read Multi Currency Review #2]