My international portfolio

About once every six months we review my international portfolio at this site. This review looks at several shifts in my investing now.

Here is my portfolio as of September 2004

Investment              Currency    Int Rate. Maturity  % 

Current account USD 2.10% Demand 1.0%
Current account AUD 4.75% Demand 1.0%
Certificates Dep USD 3.41% 1 Year 1.0%
Certificate Dep GBP 3.00% 1 year 2.0%
Current Liquid Percentage Total of Portfolio 5.0%

Ford Motor Credit GBP 7.250% 02.2005 1.0%
Deutche Bank London USD 0.000% 08.2005 1.0%
Goodyear Tire EUR 6.375% 06.2005 2.0%
Spintab SWE SEK 5.750% 06.2005 2.0%
Great Belt Bonds DKK 4.000% 11.2005 1.0%
Neder Waterschaps AUD 4.750% 12.2006 1.0%
Westpac Trust NZ NZD 6.000% 01.2006 3.0%
GMAC EUR 5.750% 02.2006 1.0%
Landwirt. Rentenban NZD 5.250% 03.2006 2.0%
Lloyds TSB Group GBP 8.500% 03.2006 1.0%
GMAC Intl. Finance NOK 7.750% 04.2006 1.0%
LB Reinland-Phalz AUD 5.875% 07.2006 4.0%
Great Belt Bonds DKK 4.000% 12.2006 3.0%
Landwirt. Rentenban AUD 4.500% 12.2007 4.0%
Norway S467 NOK 6.750% 01.2007 3.0%
Dresdner Bank Bonds EUR 4.000% 01.2007 3.0%
Council of Europe USD 4.875% 01.2007 1.0%
Rabobank NL USD 4.875% 01.2007 1.0%
Westpac Trust NZ NZD 6.000% 03.2007 1.0%
Nederl. Gemeenten USD 5.000% 03.2007 1.0%
Ford Credit Canada GBP 7.250% 12.2007 1.0%
Swedish Export Cred NZD 6.250% 12.2007 4.0%
Scandinavian Airline EUR 6.000% 06.2008 1.0%
Vimplecom USD 10.000% 06.2008 1.0%
Current Bond Percentage Total of Portfolio 42.0%

Jyske Bank Shares DKK Stocks 3.0%
Bank of Florida USD Stocks 1.0%
Current Stock Percentage Total of Portfolio 4.0%

Other Assets
Gold Gold-Silver 2.0%
Tax Lien Loan 7.000% 3.0%
Farm Land 15.0%
Buildings 6.0%
Residential Property 4.0%
Commercial Real Estate 21.0%
Wellness Business 0.0%
Current Percentage Total of Portfolio 51.0%

Invest Loan CHF 2.000% -4.0%

Here are some facts to note about this portfolio.

First I do not measure my performance with only one benchmark…my cost of living. I have one simple goal….to pay for my cost of living and end up with a higher value portfolio than before. In this case the performance is up 7.8% in the last three months. 13.7% in the last six.

Second, I see many reasons why the U.S. dollar will weaken mid term so have reduced the dollars in the liquid portion of my portfolio from 13% to 8% at this time.

Third, I have increased my real estate position from 38% to 46% and am looking to add some leveraged real estate which will increase the real estate portion of my portfolio to about 50% of the total portfolio.

Fourth, I believe that U.S. inflation has been understated and will now become more obvious. This is why the real estate is being added.

Fifth, I have borrowed 4% of my portfolio in Swiss Francs at 2.000% to enhance the earnings from the Euro and European currencies that are earning an average of 4.5% so this loan is earning and extra 2.5% on that portion of the portfolio. In addition the Swiss franc has dropped versus the Euro in the past six months so this has added some extra profit.

Finally the percentage of the gold and silver has dropped as an overall part of my portfolio as I have failed to add any new metal positions as the portfolio has grown.