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How to be Rich and FREE!

Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank will join me again to speak on the multi currency sandwich at my upcoming International Investing and Business Course in Jefferson, North Carolina , November 5-6-7, 2004 and Quito Ecuador February 4-5-6, 2005 Sunrays sparkled on emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. Reflections of dancing rainbows glimmered on towering […] [Read How to be Rich and FREE!]

More on Scams

Below are numerous warnings from readers who have added to our recent message about scams. We will have a special session on how to avoid scams at our upcoming November course. See details below. “Gary, I have received over a dozen emails about a foreign national needing a US person to receive funds, winning lotteries […] [Read More on Scams]

Earn 400%

This September 22, 2004 Gary Scott message shows how a reader was able to make 400% in a quick real estate deal and how he could finance it for 2%. One of my greatest pleasures is connecting readers with common interests. Recently I put two tax lien investors in touch. Here is what one reader […] [Read Earn 400%]

Can you really retire?

A letter from this Gary Scott reader poses the vital question, “How much is enough”? See how spotting trends can bring the economic opportunity you need to retire now and see how and why a huge number of investors will suffer. Plus learn how to have greater economic opportunity from international stocks and bonds In […] [Read Can you really retire?]

Confirmation of Distortions

Last week's September 14, 2004 Gary Scott message looked at three huge economic distortions that create potential in local and international real estate opportunity right now. One investment recommended was in a real estate project in Ashe county North Carolina called Jefferson Station. See a letter from a reader that confirms this wealth building potential […] [Read Confirmation of Distortions]

Global Emerging Market Update

September 2004 Global Emerging Market Update The Emerging Markets have not reached their highs from earlier this year. Eighteen and eight markets rated declined. The Latin America index was up 4.5%, the Europe Mid-East index gained 3.2% and the Asia index rose 4.6%. The top three performing emerging markets were Egypt (up 11.4%), South Korea […] [Read Global Emerging Market Update]

Global Major Market Update

September 2004 Global Major Market Update Major markets eked out small gains this month. Over the month, eight markets advanced (compared to seventeen in our last analysis) and ten fell. The stock markets with the highest appreciation were Hong Kong (up 7.1%), Belgium (up 3.7%) and Singapore (up 1.8%). This year Austria remains the top […] [Read Global Major Market Update]

Hot International Real Estate Trend

We are spotting trends! The collision of three huge economic distortions that create an earthquake of international property opportunity right now. This September 14, 2004 Gary Scott message looks at three specific and special real estate deals that will profit from these trends. As I write, the collision of these trends is having a volcanic […] [Read Hot International Real Estate Trend]

Lake property for $1,000

Many years ago, when we had a condo in the Dominican Republic, American real estate broker Terry Moran was very helpful to Merri and me as we searched for property. Recently he informed me that he has moved to a beautiful lake (he says it looks just like Lake Como) in Costa Rica. He invited […] [Read Lake property for $1,000]