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What to Do

A wise reader sent me an interesting reply to my message “Stock Trends Down” (see this at Here is what he shared. “Gary, You really don’t like stocks do you? Crashes do not matter to long-term investors, IF you own the right companies. “Yesterday I read a story about Walgreens, and then looked at […] [Read What to Do]

Best Emerging Stock Markets

eClub expert Michael Keppler looks at all foreign stock markets and compares every emerging market monthly looking at the current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return on equity compared to their average and relative vales and compares them to all other […] [Read Best Emerging Stock Markets]

Best Value Major Stock Markets

Over the past month the markets with the highest appreciation were Italy (up3.9%), Switzerland (up 3.1%) and Austria (up 3.1%). This year Austria has also been the top performer rising 23.3% with Sweden up 13.4% and Japan up 12.1%. However Keppler feels the best major markets for investing now because they offer top value have […] [Read Best Value Major Stock Markets]

Fire Your Boss

A book review in USA Today shows a major new trend in liberation. See here how this can be of benefit to you. The book is “Fire Your Boss” by Stephan Pollan and Mark Levine. The principles in this book are some that this website has been espousing for years. Do what you love! This […] [Read Fire Your Boss]

Opportunity in Religious Trends

One wise reader spotted a hot trend when she wrote: “Gary, Last week you asked if any of us saw long term trends. “I see one very long-term trend, the end of religion based on “male-war-gods” (such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism). This is already happening in Western Europe where traditional church attendance is way down […] [Read Opportunity in Religious Trends]

Storing Trends

A recent message about international investing asked for your opinion about trends that backlash might bring. Here is an interesting one…storage. The market for storage units has exploded. What will this mean and where will this trend go? Recently when driving through Naples, Florida I noted that the storage units there look more like lush […] [Read Storing Trends]

Biggest Backlash

A recent message looked at a defining word in my portfolio thought process which is sustainability, defined as “enough for everybody, forever.” Sustainability is a backlash created from materialism and this is really creating a hot, new trend. Society has a highly valuable concept called ownership. The concept is useful as long as we recognize […] [Read Biggest Backlash]

Trends on the Backlash

Ever dream of being able to invest in stocks, bonds or business opportunities after looking into the future? We can by simply watching what is happening today. The present really is the parent of the future plus investors and businesses never want to invest too far ahead of the here and now anyway. The reader […] [Read Trends on the Backlash]

Stock Trends Down

Recent messages have looked at ways to spot trends. One way is to look for short term equity trends that fit into a big long-term picture. Yesterday’s low markets for the year confirm a dangerous trend. We have been examining the current big trend in the U.S. economy for several years at this site. You […] [Read Stock Trends Down]

Portfolio Sustainability

Last Friday’s message looked at how spending should affect our portfolio decisions. Now let’s review how our lifestyles should get in the act. For example I travel and I get so absorbed in writing and course projects that I have little time to look at my portfolio. Thus I do not make investments (beyond my […] [Read Portfolio Sustainability]