Archive | April, 2004

Trends in the Air

This seventh lesson in our course on how to spot and take advantage of investing trends, business trends and economic trends looks at how you can see the future. We can see the future in the here and now and extrapolate information that can help you see which type of businesses and investments are likely […] [Read Trends in the Air]

Magnify through Location

Location can strengthen trends. This sixth lesson in our course on how to spot and take advantage of investing trends, business trends and economic trends looks at how you can use location to magnify your investment and business gains. Merri and I lived in Naples, Florida for nearly twenty years and still maintain a base […] [Read Magnify through Location]

Positioning the Trend

Peaked trends do not mean that you should not invest. There is potential at every part of the curve. What counts is making sure that the idea behind the investment or business is in tune with the diffusion position. For example, laggards can offer an exciting niche opportunity because of a the fact we observed […] [Read Positioning the Trend]

Where to Catch Trends

Spotting trends can bring more profit than just about any other investing activity. But knowing what stage of a trend is best to jump in is vital as well. To understand this better, let’s look at diffusion models to see how trends spread. A well-known diffusion study followed the spread of a new hybrid corn […] [Read Where to Catch Trends]

High Earning Cultural Trend

We are surrounded by one of the biggest trends in the Western world that many will miss it completely. See Lesson #3 of our course on how to spot investing trends, business trends and economic trends that can enhance your affluence and bring never-ending wealth. One of the hottest trends around is the introduction of […] [Read High Earning Cultural Trend]

Where to Invest Now

Here are investment ideas that cover China, India, and bonds that pay 9% or more. A reader recently asked me where should I invest $60,000 now? Of course I could not answer a question as broad as that but my banker Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank did. Here is what he shared. “Dear Sir, The […] [Read Where to Invest Now]

Micro Business Magic from Trends

There is a Micro Business Magic in Trends We can get clues about investing trends and business trends by watching what everyone reads. Best selling book lists are like a window into a nation’s soul. This is why two authors who have had special, phenomenal success in recent years can lead us to greater investing […] [Read Micro Business Magic from Trends]

How to get lucky

May I be honest? Investment, economic and business trends have made me one of the luckiest people in the world. I am genuinely surprised, that I have been able to help our five children obtain the highest education of their choice. That we have been able to travel the world, have multiple homes, all the […] [Read How to get lucky]

Colonial Quito Pictures

Over the past month we have looked at economic opportunity available in Ecuador and Colonial Quito. However during this wonderful Spring holiday it is appropriate to enjoy the beauty of this incredible city built so many years ago. See in these pictures of Colonial Quito what beauty humanity can create through cooperation and peace in […] [Read Colonial Quito Pictures]

Confirmation of a trend

Last week we looked at investing in Wellness Revolution and small is beautiful. Just a day later we saw this idea in USA Today showing the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell working in the market place. Learn here how someone will really make some bread on small now. The article “Is small beautiful,” if you […] [Read Confirmation of a trend]