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Protected: The Ultimate Freedom

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read Protected: The Ultimate Freedom]

International Business Made EZ

International Business Made EZ is a practical, hands-on course prepared by Gary and Merri Scott from their unique experiences of building their own international business over that last 30 years. Gary and Merri are now among the world's leading publishers of information on making, keeping and enjoying wealth and good health. They have become multi-millionaires […] [Read International Business Made EZ]

Old Quito Real Estate Values.

In fact Merri and I have learned to watch for Ecuador investment opportunities in the ups and downs and the sudden, unexpected improvements of Ecuador. This trip the first surprise was at Quito airport. They have improved it so dramatically that had I not known where I was I would never have guessed. They have […] [Read Old Quito Real Estate Values.]

Learn Spanish in Three Weeks in Equador

To learn in the sun is fun! Now there is a way to enjoy three full weeks of direct sunlight and solve one of the biggest communications problems that face a great deal of the English speaking civilization. Spanish is the second largest language in the world. Chances are a huge Spanish speaking population lives […] [Read Learn Spanish in Three Weeks in Equador]

Dollar Store

Here are some basic Ecuador economics. When Ecuador dollarized a couple of years ago there was a great deal of confusion about how much things were worth. The place felt like being in a dollar store. Everything seemed to cost a dollar. The sucre had devalued from 3,000 sucres per dollar to 24,000 before the […] [Read Dollar Store]

How low the U.S. dollar? Part III

One fact about the Euro that has haunted me is that it is so new. We have no history to look back on except the fact that no previous Pan European currency created in the past has survived for long. This does send out a strong buy Euro signal. Recently a reader set me a […] [Read How low the U.S. dollar? Part III]

How low the U.S. dollar? Part II

Friday’s message looked at why I am not investing more in the falling greenback. I have 30% of my portfolio devoted in Euro and related currencies. This to me is enough. There are always some risks in forex trading and currency speculation but some extra risks you should be aware of are out there right […] [Read How low the U.S. dollar? Part II]

How low the U.S. dollar?

About two years ago a message at this site reviewed my portfolio when I was holding about 40% in Euros. My goal then was to balance my portfolio’s purchasing power, plus earn the higher interest rates that Euro’s paid. This Euro portion of my portfolio has appreciated dramatically and my advisors have recommended that I […] [Read How low the U.S. dollar?]

Business and investing tip

One European reader who has been using the course International business made EZ shared this valuable note. “Gary, The last time I made contact was just after I started my Internet business along lines you recommended. My niche market, successful South African entrepreneurs, is either not interested in my eBook or I am not reaching […] [Read Business and investing tip]

Wellness and Kapawi

While here in Ecuador inspecting Ecuador real estate and conducting our International Business Made Easy course we came across a recent article in the New York Times entitled “Ecuador Indians Fend Off Oil Companies With Tourism” shows another way to enhance your investments and business. This article tells how there are growing numbers of jungle […] [Read Wellness and Kapawi]