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Expectations in Five Stock Markets

Jyske Bank’s structured investment JBPB Asia+ 2007 offers an investment in China, South Korea, Europe, Japan and the U.S and the Icelandic dollar. Here is why. Jyske Bank expects Icelandic kroner to remain strong and perhaps rise versus the U.S. dollar. Iceland’s economy is expanding and an increasing inflow of international capital is expected to […] [Read Expectations in Five Stock Markets]

Guaranteed Investment

Structured investments are those that use contracts and options to protect the downside of a position. Jyske Bank is introducing a new structured product based on 5 different indices that provides this protection. This is an investment where the only risk to any investor is in the value of Icelandic kroner versus an investor’s own […] [Read Guaranteed Investment]

Safe investments now

Last message outlined why value investment guru Jeremy Grantham believes that 2005 and 2006 will be an economic black hole. Here are the areas he suggests investing in now. Grantham feels that there are less places to hide than in the past. He feels that bonds are not horrible but vulnerable. We must count on […] [Read Safe investments now]

Avoid the sucker punch

Messages at this site have often outlined jewels of investment wisdom by Jeremy Grantham. Grantham is a value oriented Boston-based money manager to which institutions and individuals have entrusted $48 billion, Grantham is one of the most respected U.S. fund managers and is best known for his acumen in relative values represented by different asset […] [Read Avoid the sucker punch]

Learn 18 Secrets of Selling on Ebay

Here are 18 subjects our Ebay experts Davis and Tammy Rorer will share injust one of the sessions at our International Business Made EZ course next weekend, June 6-7-8. Learn how these experts have been marketing local surplus for five years as well as products exported from Ecuador. 1. Discover the easy way to get […] [Read Learn 18 Secrets of Selling on Ebay]

One more secret

The other is that Merri and I are students at Clayton College of Natural Health ( Merri is working on a Ph.D. in Natural Health and mine is in Holistic Nutrition. You might ask why would the two of us, financially independent, with a successful business and nearing retirement age, go back to school? There […] [Read One more secret]

A Christmas Thought

  Many messages at this site look at how important it is for investors and business to catch the national psyche or public mood. So when the recent novel, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown became a best seller, I took notice. This top selling novel is about the Rosy Cross which is an […] [Read A Christmas Thought]

Heal These Problems with Ayurved

Here are a few imbalances that Jay Glaser deals with at his website. If you or your loved ones are suffering from any of these I recommend you take a look. Gary Attention Deficits: ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity Treating Hypertension and Heart Disease without drugs Newborn child care Cancer: a bug in the software Women's Health […] [Read Heal These Problems with Ayurved]

As the eve falls

Sunrise, walking through deep woods, about 50 miles from nowhere in the Wilderness of Canada.  I was heading toward Moose Lake in North British Columbia and surrounded by deep woods, spruce, lodge pole pine, swamps, bogs, shimmering yellow poplar and pristine lakes. Here, in the deep wild, day after day, I hiked many miles with […] [Read As the eve falls]


Stock market bubbles are no secret. Yet investors get caught up again and again. I am predicting this about to happen once more probably in the spring of 2004 and ask the question, why? A professor at Princeton who won the Nobel prize in economics says this is partly due to investors' ''illusion of control”. […] [Read Why?]