Reduce 18 Major Health Concerns

Many people have health problems which necessitate the removal of caffeine from their diet. If you haven't already been warned by your doctor, take a look at the dangers associated with a continued daily intake of caffeine. Over time caffeine can increase your risk of, or worsen the following ailments – just to name a few!

· Allergies

· Heart arrhythmia

· Insomnia or disrupted sleep

· Infertility problems

· High blood pressure

· Heart disease

· Miscarriage

· Panic, anxiety, and overall stress

· Headaches

· Thyroid disease

· Osteoporosis

· Birth defects

· Miscarriages

· Infertility

· Cancers

· Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

· Ulcers and heartburn

· Fibrocystic breast disease

*Data from the International Food Administration Council

The data above comes from where a company is now selling soy coffee. Merri and I have been using this for years and I shared how we make our own when I wrote at

“An enjoyable way to enhance growth hormone (assuming you like coffee) is by drinking soy bean coffee. Merri and I first learned this trick many years ago from a nurse who was looking after Merri's mother. This nurse explained that in her country of birth (Trinidad) every person over the age of forty has a soy bean bush because soy has an element that is a precursor to HGH. This was a delight for me, because I missed my coffee. In my youth I abused alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Giving up the booze and fags was a snap but not having coffee was like losing my best friend and soy coffee (the way we make it) is so similar to the deep French roast I like. Here is the whole process for making a great soy cappuccino! We order our organic soybeans over the net from Jaffe Brothers in California. Their email address is and their website is

Merri soaks the beans overnight in a big five gallon pot, then boils them until they double in size. (Treat them no differently than any dried bean.) To conclude the process she roasts them on a flat pan in the oven until they are as dark as you desire. I like a really blackened French Roast, but suspect that the extra roasting reduces the nutritional quality so I use a blend of dark (for flavor) of lightly roasted (for nutrition) beans.

From the oven I treat the beans exactly as I would coffee beans, storing them in the freezer until I am ready to get out the coffee grinder and cappuccino machine to whip up a brew. I try to have one or two cups of this a day. This is not a discipline that is hard to bear either. I cannot tell the difference between my soychinos and a cappuccino…but I bet my body can!

Until next message, good business, investing and health!”

Now you can make it yourself or buy it at health food stores.


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