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Other Reasons to Bank Abroad.

Your blood might boil when you read what the state did to a reader. Your bank account however may feel a chill. Here is what this reader shared: “Gary, Recently I discovered a tax lien filed on my credit report for state tax in the amount of $3000.00. To make a long story short, in […] [Read Other Reasons to Bank Abroad.]

Believe it or not

Here is a message from a reader who just attended Bob Shane’s course here at the farm that you may find hard to believe. “Good morning Merri, On my way home Sunday I stopped at a local restaurant and noticed that I magnetized the silverware! The fork and knife came together and held! The waitress […] [Read Believe it or not]

Reduce 18 Major Health Concerns

Many people have health problems which necessitate the removal of caffeine from their diet. If you haven't already been warned by your doctor, take a look at the dangers associated with a continued daily intake of caffeine. Over time caffeine can increase your risk of, or worsen the following ailments – just to name a […] [Read Reduce 18 Major Health Concerns]

Powerful Message

Here is what this reader recently shared. “Gary, A few years back I went to quite a few of your seminars, and I came to Ecuador with you and Merri with my wife. You very kindly sent me a copy of your “World Reports” recently, wherein you commented on borrowing money between 1% and 2%, […] [Read Powerful Message]

Quito Land and Pensions

A note from eclub advisor, Larry Grossman, shows how to put overseas real estate into your pension plan. See here what he says. Larry wrote: “Hey, Gary I saw your piece on Ecuador condos. I think it is worth mentioning to your readers and those who go to the conference that now is a good […] [Read Quito Land and Pensions]

Dirty Money

Here is a message about the Chinese yuan from a friend who lives in China.“Gary, Chinese money is not ‘fully convertible’ but it will probably soon be. There is a debate within China and within the ‘economic community’ about how this will affect the country. If you want 5 divergent opinions, ask 5 economists. “ […] [Read Dirty Money]

Ecuador Property Update

Read here what an Norwegian businessman and real estate investor who has lived in Ecuador for years just shared with me about old Quito property. I have been writing about Old Quito real estate for the past month and have a researcher inspecting properties now. A good friend who has been active in Quito real […] [Read Ecuador Property Update]

Marketing eTips – Lesson #8

This is the eighth lesson in a business and investing course that shows how colonial property, nostalgia and old time values have extra appeal. This knowledge can help you improve business and investing by seeing why I started a new business, This course shares the philosophies on nostalgia I am using in that business […] [Read Marketing eTips – Lesson #8]


Every time you go to our new website, you receive a special gift. There is a special background color of Golden-Orange on every page. Move around the site. See how the pictures change. Notice at times all that you see is a full page of Golden-Orange. This color and technique was not chosen without thought. […] [Read Abundance]

Marketing eTips – Lesson #7

Find out how quantum science will alter your investing and business in the years ahead. This is the seventh lesson in the business and investing course that shows why colonial property, nostalgia and old time values have extra appeal in this day and age. This knowledge can help you improve your business and investing. I […] [Read Marketing eTips – Lesson #7]